Josh shows the #1 rebid strategy for Priceline, and how to get cheap hotels for travel.

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  1. Cruise-Channel

    This is a great video.  I use Priceline all the time with this same strategy..  Good job

  2. Kat Von

     Don't use Priceline! They screwed me on a deal and I will NEVER use Priceline again. I was a loyal customer for many years but no more! I purchased a rental car recently in for Oct 21-26. I missed my flight and got there on Oct 22. So when I arrived at the rental car counter,  Budget said I had to call Priceline to resolve. Priceline told me…too bad, you have to buy another rental car for the same days that you already paid for!! Seriously? It wasn't like I was asking for my money back…just give me the car that I paid you for. How hard is that? So I went to HOTWIRE and got a better car, better price.  People go to Hotwire! Priceline will screw you every chance they get.

  3. bitchasm

    Awesome explanation. Yeah, i was having a hard time understanding the explanation on other videos but you nailed it right on the head for me. Thanks, I will now try this!!


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