Here are 10 of the most expensive and luxurious homes on earth!

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10 Most Expensive Homes In The World

24 Responses

  1. Lizbeth Garcia

    ᗰY EYEᔕ ᗩᖇE ᗰEᒪᒪTIᑎG 👁…………….. ᒍOKIᑎG

  2. Freaky #DraGiNiX

    You need fokin 200 grenades to destroy 1 of these houses like who the hell need so much space???

  3. SXI96

    The maintenance cost on these homes must be ridiculous, not to mention the workforce needed to care for the home, homes are a big responsibility, a lot of issues can arise at any time likes leaks, cracks, plumbing, deterioration, infestation, and countless other issues, caring for these homes would be a full time job in itself, it's crazy and ridiculous imo..

  4. FreeCashFlows

    The Antilia skyscraper is absolutely crazy! It also made our list of 12 most expensive buildings in the world. I would never go out if this was my home, 600 people staff… I don't even know that many people in my life.

  5. Daniel Musiałowicz

    random photos that doesn't represent what's really inside

  6. Animation Geek

    Geeez…..All of the houses in this video are bigger than the biggest supermarket in my country…… what the hell…..-_-!!!!

  7. Katya Dunn

    I never new a house could be so big. like bigger than some shopping malls.

  8. Pam Echols

    i live in a house bigger than all of them!!!!! I am Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. liz bostic

    i dont care if i was the richest person in the world not saying i am but you spending that much money on a fuckin house when that moneu could go to sick kids or people in poverty

  10. Joel Prakash

    The one in India is actually 2 billion dollars and 4 million sq feet not 400,000 sq feet. The outside may look ugly but the side is something else.

    Buckingham is still the most expensive valued at 5 billion.

  11. Random Idiot

    I just bought myself a cardboard box. Surprised it did not feature in this video.


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