10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World….. Watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwTy2fbAlWc Random Video : World’s Tallest Man – HISTORY’S 10 …

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  1. Ryan Williams

    This is not accurate- I know the Ty Warner penthouse goes for $50,000 per week……Most of these are per week and not per night.

  2. Miguel Alvarado

    If I become rich one day am never staying in one of those suits because am scared of heights ?

  3. sading rome

    you destryed everything you cant even see the rooms with the letters slideshow

  4. Dave Smith

    Motel 6 does the same thing..enjoy, sleep. check out..

    For a lot less money…

  5. Ashoerchen

    the video mixes general views of the hotels, their public facilities such as restaurants, bars etc. There are in fact very few pictures of the "most expensive hotel rooms" as such; the rest is senseless padding.

  6. jonny5777

    I'm incredibly relaxed now thanks for that you should do a series on how to de stress 

  7. Evagelos Devesiadis

    I didnt like the last one….and it was the mos expensive……. -.-

  8. Lisa Foos

    The music put me in a trance and now I am so sleepy.
    Thanks a lot, slow music!

  9. Danial Bass

    Totally ripped off from CNN Money's list. Some of the pictures were also not correct to the hotel 1:25 thats obviously shanghai not tokyo 3:00 is definitely Hotel President Wilson in Geneva rather than Hotel Cala di Volpe


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