10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World – Original Video by Alux.com Full Article: http://bit.ly/236ggNK In this video we’re answering the following questions: What …

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  1. ilove pugs09

    When I was little I went to Paris about 5 times a year for 4-6 days and I would stay in a suite in George V. I cant believe my parents spent that much

  2. Jorge Gutierrez

    who else watching this just to see the most expensive and you know you broke ass fuck

  3. Shrayyash Tiwari

    I've been in much better Hotels than some in this video that don't cost this much at all. That too, I've never been out of India. Come to Goa, the Taj Exotica & Umaid Bhavan Palace which is the best hotel in its category in the world is much better than almost all of these. Doesn't cost that much at all.

  4. Armand Verhauwen

    I love The Peninsula, I've stayed in Beverly Hills and encountered Sarah Jessica Parker and the mother of Sylvester Stallone.

  5. Masha Smirnova

    european women? what are they objects or something you sick freaks !

  6. de bulb

    The owners villa at Cheval blanc randheli in the Maldives is $45,000 a night during the winter

  7. Hey VEVO

    For 100K I want Great views and private elevators leading to room but insert a key card to go in the suite

  8. Kayla Nicole

    Good video! But there is other hotel rooms that are more expensive than your cheapest, ex. three-bedroom beachfront villa estate at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora ($18,488.25 per night). Still, great video, but thought it could have included this one too!


    no matter how high you spend…you spend it with the same farting wife.!!!!

  10. mmostgamer

    You missed A LOT of hotels, like Havien Fushi in Maldives, I think. There are a couple of "rooms" or villas in the six figures in this area, at least that i know of. I suggest you do a bit more research, as I am sure I can basically give you 10 even more expensive places!

  11. jpbarrera9588

    this should be named The Most Expensive HOTEL ROOMS in The World as you are clearly arranging them mainly by the cost of their most expensive room. For instance I stayed at the Four Seasons in Manhattan in a normal double room for 1,300 USD a night. Also the Atlantis Bahamas has very affordable regular rooms which are left behind by any St. Regis hotel regular room price


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