A life of crime doesn’t look so bad after all…

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10 Most Luxurious PRISONS In The World

46 Responses

  1. Eve Hello :D

    Prisons shouldn't really be luxurious.. Like, the inmates are there because they committed a crime.. They're supposed to learn from their mistake… This makes me want to get thrown into prison forever, it's like living in heaven for free..

  2. Sarah Spindler

    I'm surprised they're not all in America! Plus, these areas look like encouragements for crimes!

  3. jonah14er

    way to go humans increasing crime by giving them free homes what a smart move

  4. Magical Teapot

    1. find the prison you want
    2. smash all the cars around it
    3. wait till the police come
    4. enjoy your stay!!

    Your Welcome

  5. T Holmes

    Cripes I would want to commit a crime if I knew I was going to one of these prisons, hell no rent, great accommodations sign me up!

  6. Kay Allen

    these prison have luxury but prison is prison but this is what prison is supposed to be like you a better person so when you go back back into the world you won't commit the crime again

  7. Alleycat 27

    A vacation resort is not the answer. But it is far superior to the western concept of degradation and humiliation. This has shown not to deter crime and is the subject of high recidivism. If someone commits a crime, they should SUFFER the consequences. This is true. However, when he or she leaves their place of incarceration, she or she should be a better person, because of it. Offer schooling, education, job skills, arts, music, professional counselling/therapy, etc. While incarcerated, treat these people with dignity, respect and kindness. Teach them a better way. Help them to become better people. When they are finally released, do not treat them like a pariah.

    You family gets to go to prison with you? That seems a little extreme. However, allowing your family to join you in counselling sessions, improvement programs, etc .. that part of it seems quite helpful and beneficial.

    Get arrested and we will give you your own house? The only way I can see that working is if it is a lifer or otherwise extremely long sentence. Stich him or her on a remote or secluded island, with their own little cottage and say, "Well, this is the place, in which you will one day die. You're on your own! Well, except for the patrols who will shoot you, if you try to leave or decide to be an annoyance to the other residents/inmates. You will not be a burden to tax-payers, as you will work and earn, even your food."

  8. Super Duper

    How do you murder someone, end up in jail. Then get to be with your family 24/7 and have all the amenities in life? That's fuked up.

  9. 8 Mexican Guys

    I see nothing wrong with rewarding prisoners with good behavior with a "luxurious" prison as long as they obey the rules and show some kind of sign that they have learned their lesson. Same goes with the elderly, first time offenders, 25 and under and disabled (depending on what they are in prison for). Prisoners should have the chance to rehabilitate so they can return to society. After being in the military for nearly 4 years, I can only imagine how shitty it would be to have no freedom at all, and I only have limited freedom.

  10. Lani díaz

    I live in San Antonio and I've never heard of the San Antonio prison

  11. Miriama Newman

    Isn't prison meant to make the prisoners regret their crime???!!!

  12. maria parker

    I don't know how Wandsworth got on the list, the violence inside the prison is off the charts.. watch the documentary on you tube…

  13. Militarygamer Airsoft

    This must be a joke, Qincheng Prison is a very bad prison in China.

  14. Wiktoria liere

    I live in norway and here They think IT is much better to have a good time in prison, so when they come out they are Happy and not like more agresive👌🏻

  15. Hazerott

    Prisons should be like this for people who break basic laws that aren't convictions or felonies. 5 months in jail for selling a bit of weed, you should get basic humane treatment. A nice cell with a TV, restricted internet access, a nice king size bed, a nice toilet, carpeted flooring, etc. But for people who do commit crimes that are felony worthy, deserve to be locked inside a steel box like most. And people who straight up do fucked up shit, like rape, molestation, and other fucked shit, should be lethally injected immediately…

  16. 96ace96

    For most of these, it's a fundamental difference in philosophy. You don't jail people to punish them. You jail people to stop them from doing it again. And, at least in Norway, it's working. Society isn't there to punish wrongdoers, it's here to help it's population.

  17. Retroshift

    Well, I don't think this encourages you to committing a crime, because you still lose your freedom. Terrible prisons are doing no better than humane prison systems anyway. Revenge is a root of war.
    I would even suggest to give each inmate a stray cat so they will learn to love and take care of things. It will make them feel more of a human being worth something. Animals don't judge, something humans could learn of them.

  18. kidgully1

    I was in shock to see prisoners living comfortably in all these foreign country's until I saw Wandsworth I then cam to the conclusion that this narrator is talking shit b'coz Wandsworth is a shit hole

  19. Suzanne Irwin

    it is a good thing to "enjoy your sentence." I am not sure what to think of this.

  20. Cierra Price

    I wonder if I would be put in one of the Norwegian prisons for committing a murder…..

  21. Tiffany Thomas

    The words "luxurious" and "prison" don't go together. Prison is supposed to be shitty so that people can be persuaded into not committing crimes so that they won't have to go there.

  22. Dont play well with others!

    dont come to Illinois and go to the a max joint cuz your fucked


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