Travel to the best hotels around the world and stay in their amazing suites in beautiful places like the Bahamas and in incredible Dubai! Subscribe to American …

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  1. Juleah Kelly

    What about the Versace mansion? I've been there it should be in this video.

  2. Doran Brooks

    Worst list of best hotels… Las Vegas as #2? You got to be kidding me

  3. Wilson Chin

    hi. I am a big fan( new comer) channeled from TallTanic. I am very
    please to watch your works here. And since this is the month of October,
    Why dont you post something that will make our stomach to our throat.
    For example Malaysia (East Malaysia Sabah do have some of the Grusome
    Story of the Sabah( North Borneo's) Tradition and the people here.

  4. Joshidites servellonacles

    you guys should do a video on the most successful people that don't have a college education.

  5. Green Ageddon

    American eye I have watched your videos for 2 and a half years now and a while ago you posted a video called 11 unbelievable out of place artifacts just 7 hour before danger Dolan one of the best Top 10 channels posted a video called 8 ancient artifacts that no one can explain using exactly the same photos a information also keep up the great work on your videos also can you make a more top ten thing you have been doing wrong ;-)

  6. scheron harley

    1 hotel down 12 more to go!!

    Number 12 looks amazing !! I must stay there !

  7. sinai katwar

    Hey.. I am your big fan.. I love your work.. Your videos are awesome.. Hey can you make a video on Galaxies or aliens or magical stuff like black magic and future seeking? That would be nice..


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