From what hotel stars really mean to tips and tricks for getting bigger rooms these are 25 things your hotel staff won’t tell you. …

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  1. Osiris Bracamontes

    #16, I actually do all that for less than 10 dollars a day, well I haven't dealt with a dead body yet.

  2. Missy Cronk

    That explains why the 2 star hotel I am staying at this Black Friday is actually better then the 3 star I originally booked before switching. And it was cause of the customer reviews online I read and wanting an extra night then originally planned.

  3. Earl Butz

    Tip the maid?  For what?  Doing her job?  I never got a tip for doing my job.  This is bullshit.  Maybe if you left a lot of sperm stains on the walls or something then okay.  Or if you left a lot of skid marks on the toilet bowl.  Or if you peed all over the floor.  Or

  4. James Cooke

    I used to work for a Marriott brand hotel and at times was asked if I could give a little discount. Depending on the time of year AND the rate and if there were any events in the area, I would be more than happy to help. 10-15% was my range.

  5. Anggie Angel


  6. Amir Rahman

    I did reservations for a London hotel for a month and a half. Expedia gets 20% of whatever you pay to book the hotel. Yes, 20%. For some other hotels their commission percentage might be different but not too different I think.… Don't really remember the exact commission %. So guys, email reservations and negotiate next time instead of going on 3rd party websites and booking there.

  7. gusmonster59

    Housekeepers are over worked and underpaid. We are the lowest paid employees at any hotel. ALL tips are GREATLY appreciated. You do not have to leave it under your pillow. On the dresser is fine. And thank you to those of you who tip.

  8. tikababy27

    After working in the hotel industry for 15 years I can guarantee most of these are correct. Housekeepers are NOT guaranteed 8 hours a day. They work until the rooms are cleaned and the have a 25 minute time limit to clean a room. If all rooms are cleaned in 5 hours the girls go home. I was front desk staff and I knew that the housekeeping staff was more important than I was because if they did do a great job, I wouldn't be able to sell the rooms. When it came to room upgrades, frequent guests that we liked would get upgraded 1st. And if we oversold the hotel it wasn't the Expedia or cheap reservations that would be "walked" to another hotel, it was who ever arrived last, because you can't guarantee that everyone is always going to show up or remember to cancel their room.

  9. Megan D'Alessandro

    If you call the hotel directly, they still transfer you to an answering service.

  10. PurpleScoutCookies

    How is the housekeepers job dangerous…were you being sarcastic? Constantly moving mattresses and bad smells…i work at a dog kennel, I must be a hero.

  11. liljared711

    I always get the breakfast with the room in fact most hotels ik of do just that

  12. Firstpo jkh

    why the fuck would i tip 20 bux at a 5 star resort , if 5 star doesn't mean 5 star service ? fuck this list

  13. TeslasLoveChild

    pahaha only in America does 5 star mean 1 star.. wtf, in Europe they are REGULATED. if you go to a 5-star you can bet your life you will be getting top service.

  14. TeslasLoveChild

    I should tip daily? so if I am there for 2 weeks thats at least an extra $100 ? pah. shut up you stupid american. only moronic americans tip , the rest of the world and 6.7 billion people do not tip*

  15. Mary Smith Tondreau

    NEVER order through third party sites. We booked a Disney Room from a 3rd party site and when we were unhappy with the room, Disney refunded the money to the 3rd party who refused to give it back to us!!! Never again. I book direct.

  16. Tristan Brock

    Actually a true Forbes 5 star rating is extremely hard to earn is mainly about service! The same goes for the AAA 5 diamond rating!

  17. MissRiss

    I worked at the marriott for the front desk for over a year, and most of these are bullshit.

    tipping the housekeepers is not out of style.

    if you call the hotel and try to negotiate a rate, prepare to be hung up on. unless you are a regular guest, you aren't getting shit.

    we don't "hide" the fact that you can opt out of housekeeping. we promote it, because it costs us less money on housekeeping.

    most housekeepers work on the same rooms the whole time of your stay.

    you won't get a free upgrade unless we fucked up.

  18. Jacob Fryangle

    You make the worst top 20s , this is stupid like you probably research for like 5 min if u do at all

  19. thehALomolov2

    Do not tip! You are already paying the hotel fees to cover cleanup and prep, why go out of your way to pay their employees wages and let the hotel save the fees as profit. If people stop tipping then people stop taking jobs based on tip payments and then businesses actually pay their damn employees a set rate. Tipping was created to force extra service fees onto the customer so the business wouldn't have to pay wages, and then to enforce their tipping service fee they shame their customers by calling them cheap ect. Like at restaurants the price on the menu is already inflated to the point that the food you are paying for is only 20-30% of the price being charged, the rest goes to staff/ power/water/ property fees/ and profit.

  20. Edward Corey

    15. The desk clerk doesn't do everything for, they especially don't make the breakfast, maybe if you're at a very cheap hotel they do but hotels that charge 100+ a night usually have kitchen staff. And usually at cheaper hotels the front desk person doesn't do any errands

  21. Wil Mees

    As someone who works in multiple hotels (yes, I have three jobs just to get by… that will come in as important in a moment), I can vouch that most of these are true.

    A couple that weren't quite accurate though:

    1) Booking with a middle man offers more dependability and flexibility… false. Most middle men are only there for the money, are incredibly inflexible and will always go with the option that means you have to pay. Most often, if you book directly with the hotel and mention the price on "X" website (and the hotel agent can see that currently reflected) and you make it clear you understand that you are putting them in a tough spot, they will most of the time match the rate (sometimes a little less) and are usually much more flexible about things like freebies and waiving cancellation fees.

    2) Online reviews are most accurate… false. The majority of bad reviews (notes on dirtiness aside) are left by people who are angry about policies they never bothered to read the fine print on when booking or never bothered to ask when it was too late. Always read the fine print and always call the hotel directly (especially if you do choose to book through a third party middleman) to be sure you are aware of exactly what you are getting and what is expected of you.

    Now for a couple things NOT on the list (or not explained thoroughly):

    1) Most hotels these days (especially in bigger cities) require some sort of incidental deposit upon check-in (often in the form of a debit or credit card that has your name on it). Though that may sound like it has something to do with the mini bar or phone calls, the reality is, most hotels need to safeguard their assets and just trusting anybody who comes through not to break the tv or take towels is a big issue. Again, always check ahead for policies such as these and, if you know you're going to treat the room with respect, then you should have no issue laying down that deposit with the confidence that you'll get it back. Think of it as renting an apartment for a night or two – you'd still have to put down the deposit and, considering this apartment comes fully furnished, you're getting quite a deal.
    Note: and, yes, that deposit may take a day or few to come back to your account, just the same as any other pending transaction.

    2) Most hotels only have cleaning service during the early part of the day and only have one person working the entire hotel by them self (usually at avery low pay rate – only a couple dollars above retail/fast food pay). So, before you get anxious because your front desk person seems preoccupied or reluctant / unable to solve your issue with immediacy (especially between 4pm-8am), remember you are not alone in the hotel and while every guest is important, there is only one person for all of them. In reality, managing the front desk is like having full-time office, maintenance, housekeeping and personal assistant jobs all at once, with all the responsibilities combined with magically hiding that fact from the guest. They only LOOK like they're just sitting there, playing solitaire and waiting for you to grace them with your presence. Truly, there is a stack of papers and guest requests and three calls on hold just about to explode back into the open the moment you step away.

    3) Tipping the front desk agent is equally as important as tipping your waiter/waitress. You truly have no idea what they probably did for you to make your stay as smooth as possible without drawing attention to it. That extra pillow they brought you was probably juggled on top of a mountain of other requests and paperwork you'll never see. Think Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada – only minus the access to fabulous clothes and assistance from a tender-hearted fairy godfather figure. Bonus note: mentioning their name with glowing positivity is equal to ten $10 tips in the personal reward it brings. Hotels are measured on their good reviews, so a good review of a desk agent puts their name on the board of how the hotel got the good review.

    4) Don't be a jerk. Yes, you found a hair on the pillow. Yes, Expedia overbooked the hotel and your reservation got booted. None of this is the fault of the person at the front desk. BUT… that person is the only person between you and resting your head somewhere clean and cozy. Be nice to them and they'll be super glad to bring you a new set of sheets or spend 30 minutes of their shift helping you find a new hotel (maybe even calling the connections they have – all hotel agents have connections) to get you a great deal. Treat them like a kid who just spat on your expensive coat and you'll probably find yourself SOL because, honestly, there are a hundred other things going on that they could be doing instead.

  22. Bert Karlsson

    The hotel can thou write reviews on theor own hotel to get costumers so you can't trust everything. If it looks to good to be true – it 99% of the times is

  23. subwayvesubscriber

    I once stayed in awful hotel. Housekeeping was coming in unannounced at random times of the day (at least 5 times) and we were gone a lot so that says something! The washing machine was located next to our balcony and they hung their laundry on the balcony, too (stuff like carpets and towels…) One time my group went out and I stayed behind to take care of a sick friend so it was really quiet. Suddenly this maid just comes in, locks herself in the bathroom, next thing I hear is the toilet flushing and she went out again. She probably didn't see or hear me and that's why she did it. It was just so strange and it really shocked me. Never staying there ever again.

  24. Fred Schartz

    So a housekeeper working in a one star hotel doesn't work as hard as one in a five star hotel? As I have experienced, both housekeepers change beds, clean the bathroom, vacuum, etc. Tip accordingly to the service, not the hotel rating.

  25. diver dave

    always shake their hand with a $20 cupped in it and I can assure you they will do their very best to help you !

  26. Dennis Premoli

    This is retarded. If youve travelled anywhere you should know this stuff.

  27. Arc Kocsog

    Why would I leave a 20 dollar tip on the top of the already high room price?!

  28. Femmewesker

    Hahahahahahahahahahahah 10 dollars my sweet ass. Yeah i would have stayed working at a hotel.

  29. Jack Williams

    Of course independents will budge more on prices, they're not bound by a head office somewhere that they can't contact apart from office hours.

  30. Ben Cannon

    This video is useful if you have no common sense and are not intelligent thus able to figure out very simple things for yourself

  31. Elizabeth

    The online booking is true! Also in France and Italy I had to pay when I arrived when I thought they had already taken the money because they don't trust the booking sites to pay them!


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