Ever wondered just how much the most expensive hotels in the world are? And what exactly do you get for those hefty price tags? Join us as we peer into the …

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  1. yesica maldonado

    No!! that last hotel was also for Taylor Swift to!!!😨😰😱😈😡😠

  2. George The Cockapoo

    when I looked at the president Clinton hotel the most expensive room is $762…so you weren't even close.

  3. Thuy Nguyen


  4. Diane0529

    So, President Clinton spent our hard earned tax dollars paying $69,500 per night to stay at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland? I sure hope he enjoyed himself!! NOT!

  5. sonneiXIV

    I would only be able to stay in these rooms for at least an hour….no..ten minutes.

  6. Christian Kaio

    come stay at my place, 50 bucks a night, then you can spend the rest of your thousands at the beach, entertainment, don't need security here, marijuana, its all here.


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