9/11 Exposed is an educational documentary that examines the collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 on September 11th, 2001.

First Edition:

Released: May 1, 2015 by

Music by Max Axiom & Ross Bugen



9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

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45 Responses

  1. Jason Mc Donald

    I look at this for years its not adding up .this people kill there people

  2. Debra J Bush

    how many demolition experts are their in the world?   Those who done this will be found out.  This attack is by the top to destroy, enslave the bottom … look at the people in this country right now … being used by the top to cause confusion, disobedience, fear and wars to enslave the bottom…American citizens have got to get smart …

  3. Santos L Halper

    Trump was in on this FOR SURE! Trump is part of the NWO and HE WAS IN NEW YORK ON 9/11!!
    There us proof that he was HIGHLY INVOLVED in 911 planning, execution, and cover-up. He is in the Building real estate so he knows how to take them down, the is so much evidence out there!
    okay, so Bush knows Trump, Trump knows Russia (putin), Russia knows and gives weapons to the taliban. Here comes the kicker, are you ready for this…….the Taliban knows……al queida, and al queida knows Osama bin ladin. We need to impeach Trump before he enslaves american citizens and puts us in concentration camps!! I knew this information on 9/11 and predicted his presidency 6 months prior to election…


  4. Ralo Ratunil

    is it wrong for me to say that it was oddly satisfying how the towers fell

  5. Basques AreJesusPeople

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1610612435902395/ Your ignorance and disbelief is their power.
    Barcelona is the true promised land/hesperia.Madrid and the infiltrated vatican are the enemy. DNA doesnt lie. In 2017 you already should know the truth.Look it up.We are the celtic tudors/stuarts(we founded the USA) rightful heirs to the british throne."The truth will set you free" SOS.End of times.They call us "crazy" to keep you fooled.Look it up with an open mind because its key.Free your enslaved minds and promote the truth for your own sake

    The west is the cradle of the homosapiens/cromagnon http://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com.es/2014/05/royal-blood-king-tuts-dna-results.html

    In 1991, prehistorians, anthropologists and archaeologists showed their inclination towards this thesis(fact in 2017),holding in the catalan town of Capellades the first Congress on the birthplace of modern man, or Sapiens in Western Europe. It was established the conclusion that the homo sapiens was formed in Western Europe.Now DNA corroborates what the bible prophecied in revelations 2:9,3:9 and 12:9.http://www.theeventchronicle.com/…/rothschild-bloodline/ How do you expect to know real history if these fuckers rule the world?Your ignorance is their power.If you wake up theyd be done. This was the hidden truth that would set us free.

    In 1995 National Geographic magazine published an article entitled "The Basques: The first family of Europe"


    The Lords of Navarre(the original Basque land) is an authoritative, meticulously researched account of the Basques, their lives as early hunters and farmers, the dawning of (true)Christianity in their land, their fierce battles to fend off their enemies from their beloved highlands. By Jose Maria Lacambra-Loizu

    An epic novel of breathtaking scope, The Lords of Navarre is skillfully conceived and masterfully written. It traces a Basque family’s history from the last Ice Age to the present, an untold story of a people still speaking the haunting voices of its Cro-Magnon ancestors.

    The Cro-Magnon people invented civilization over 20,000 years ago; which is exactly what the oldest written records and the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan Kings lists patiently explain

    "The Basque and Catalan regions, these were the bastions of the "Grail" families, this is where the descendants of Jesus and his family, lived (live) in the Middle Ages, this was "Grail"-central. Patrice Chaplin has written several books which touch on Rennes-le-Chateau and "the Grail," which geographically recount her experiences in Gerona, Spain, and its relation to Rennes-le-Chateau in Southern France" “King Arthur was a prince of the Silures, the son of Uther,named Pendragon, paramount over the many kings of Britain"http://www.knology.net/~susanclk/ “The Silures were identical with the dark long-headed Basque people found in the Pyrenees,which were the Iberians"http://www.englishmonarchs.co.uk/celts_6.html

    Knowing what we know now it makes sense what King Charles I said about Barcelona.This king wasnt from Barcelona so you cant say he was biased.
    According to the king Charles I himself(Emperor of the Roman Germanic Empire), Barcelona was the first city in the world, capital of the new Universal Empire which covered the New World, known and unknown, symbolized by the two pillars of Hercules with the motto Plus Ultra. A new and great empire would add the old Holy Roman Empire, symbolized by the imperial double-headed eagle. In the choir stalls of the Cathedral of Barcelona these shields Chapter of the Order of the Golden Fleece was preserved,the world's largest Order of Chivalry, held with King Charles I in Barcelona March 1519.Research it because its true. DNA doesnt lie

    Youd think a geographer like strabo would know where paradise is at,right?Pathetic.
    "Hesperia, is the garden of Hera, queen of the gods of the Greek(not todays so called greeks lol) Olympus, which is protected and guarded by the Iberian god Ladon, and which is situated in the western Mediterranean area or point and where the sun sets (evening star), from where Herákleas columns (Hera and Hercules) are raised, i.e. Iberia. Iberia was also known as vera hesperia because in navigation you should follow the Western Star or Hespero (Venus) at sunset to reach its shores. The phonetic mutation formed the word Hispania from Hesperia or Citrus, ie land of Venus. Other classical authors also referred to Iberia as Celtaria , Keltiké, Celtiberia, Vera Hesperia or the Hesperian Peninsula". "The first country of all to the west is Iberia. She is like an ox's skin, the parts corresponding to the neck fall to the Celtica" – Strabo

    Robert E. Howard in his book “The Lost Race” says the Picts are the 1st true human race in the earth.He calls the Picts as cromagnons because the cromagnons are the 1st human race on earth.Read also Robert E Howard’s book Kull,exile of atlantis and Bran Mak Morn, the last king (king of the picts)

    "We, the most distant dwellers upon the earth, the last of the free, have been shielded…by our remoteness and by the obscurity which has shrouded our name…Beyond us lies no nation, nothing but waves and rocks"

    The above words by the Pictish chief Calgacus are recorded by the Roman enemy in the words of Tacitus and are a perfect example of the obscurity and legendary status held by the Picts almost 2,000 years ago

    “The Picts were descendants of the Iron Age people of northern Scotland, believed to have originated in Iberia as hunter-gatherers, they moved through lower Britain and entered Scotland around 7000BC. Recent DNA tests have proven the Picts were closely related to the Basques of northern Spain”


    “The Irish Book of Fenagh records the Basques settling Ireland. The book also documents the descendants of Noah settling the Basque country” The Book of Fenagh was completed at the monastery in 1516, and a copy is now kept at the Royal Irish Academy.

    The French Pierre D'Iharce, published in Paris, around 1825, his book entitled Histoire des cantabres premier ou des colons (settlers) de toute l'Europe. (history of the Cantabrians (meaning the Basques which are the original cantabrians and early settlers of Europe)). Well, in this rare book that I rescued from oblivion in my lengthy inquiries at the National Library, you can read textually the following: "Modern historians derive from Cantabria(Basque country) the root of all Western monarchies(true monarchies not the imposters of today), and the origin of the mythology of Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, and all their gods and heroes"

    According to a study published in investigation and science (Scientific American) of the German scientists Elisabeth Hamel and Theo Vennesmann and the British Peter Foster, and based on the mitochondrial DNA of 10,000 Europeans, concludes that Europe was born in the upper Ebro .This shows that civilization moved from west to east and not the other way around and proving Paradise is in the west and not the east and proving imposters usurped our identity and history

    "Thanks to the genotypic, phylogenetic, philological, paleontological, archaeological, anthropological, etc studies,we know what the trail and where the great people, who raised the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and Western civilization is located at"
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/871400586334864/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYd46N1483E

    Berengaria of Navarre,1165-1228.Queen of England, 1191-1199
    "From unsung queen to beloved Dame of LeMans" From Basque princess to queen of England was a long leap for Berengaria, daughter of King Sancho the Wise of Navarre. And not only queen of England, but wife of the most famous warrior of the age, Richard the Lionheart.http://www.medievalqueens.com/queen-berengaria-bio.htm

  6. Dr Ebeneezer

    Has Shyam Sunder killed himself yet? How could you live with yourself spewing such garbage and treating people like they are as dumb as a glass of milk. If I saw this MF anywhere I would jump on his head till he was dead. even if I got a life sentence. I wouldn't care because I would be a hero to millions for doing it.

  7. Maria Gradilla

    Geraldo is being a jerk .. let them speak their truth!!!! If not controlled demolition . I dot get why did building 7 go down ???? What was the "official report"

  8. SprinklerNewz. US

    That opening sequence with those crisis actors screaming and cursing is so disturbing – no real compassion- complicit in the fakery.

  9. Christal Phillips

    I knew it. fuck the government. fuck illuminati. they blew that shit up. illuminati starting wars with ppl for nothing and covering shit up. there weren't even terrorists. I watched a documentary from ppl in military stating they were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill anyone and anything that moved. government made shit up cuz America wants to be the one in power. and take out anyone that stands in the way. fuck nwo. new world order and illuminati

  10. MsmuluG

    @@Watch The Skies: that's exactly what I thought… i felt like he was telling us exactly about himself… it's nice to let ppl talk, they'll tell you much about themselves

  11. rafael picon

    If this farce was pulled off in 2001 , can you imagine the fairy tales in our history books . A false flag attack to justify an attack on Iraq

  12. Joseph Streff

    Welcome to the New World Order. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

  13. Alex Kablack

    I don't trust half these "experts"…most of them are still using windows XP. I also have a problem with this "documentary" using two or three eyewitness accounts of people who were obviously mentally distressed at the time as "evidence" while there were hundreds of thousands more people who didn't hear or see the same things. More questions than answers here, which is the way conspiracy theories work, keep them asking but never answer and you'll never have certainty.

    Of course arguing this with people who have faith in it is like arguing with religious people about religion, they're fucked.

  14. OhHoNo

    I recommend 9/11: the new pearl harbor documentary, that's an amazing analysis

  15. No Fear

    This is the most comprehensive research ive seen. Well done to whoever compiled this.

  16. Ant Serf

    Science and physics are the best tools humans have to understand our world and planet . . . Truth is not always pleasing, yet there is no other way to move forward . . . we are now as a society stuck in a lie.

  17. Dean PHILLIPS

    George W. Bush, you sir are a MURDERER! The American people have you and your administration figured out. We, and the rest of the world now know who the real terrorist were. Your house of cards is falling apart and we will demand justice. you will answer to the world.

  18. mcwolfus4

    TOP COMMENT:"…. Just look at all of these victims and scientific facts…" A person that clearly knows jack shit about any 9 11 subjects.

  19. Karl Kennington

    it's about time you American S got justice for this mass genocide

  20. Karl Kennington

    you can't just pull a building in a few hours it takes weeks to plan!! Oh dear what a cock up and slip of the tongue at 11 minutes

  21. Steve P

    I live in NYC..And NOT Only are there thousands of Architects, Engineers, and Demo experts who say that what happened on 911 is ABSOLUTELY 100% impossible physics BUT ALL the firefighters, All The Police, ALL The Port Authorities and EMTs….HAVE NO DOUBT that this was a planned event!!! They started speaking out immediately as proof in this video shows the firefighters @ 1:50 in station house that day explaining exactly what they saw, herd, and felt…. I know for a fact alot of them were threatened to keep their mouths shut and to stop talking to the press.. They then started to systematically push all these HEROs into early retirement, paid early retirement and or fired for those who would not comply with them about not speaking out.. Today in this city its hard to find any original men or women still on the job when 911 happened.. Its been over 16 yrs so many have moved on but I have absolutely no doubt that EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM know what happened because Ive been fortunate enough to be around these men and women and have herd the storys from 1st HAND account.. Not through a friend or a friend of a Uncle etc… And Not only were they silenced in order to keep their pensions etc.. BUT Nearly ALL have been forgotten about and now suffer from A whole host of respiratory problems because of what was used in the Towers instead of concrete… A product called perlite was used instead of concrete for all the floors above grade which contained asbestos fibers, thats what you saw on your TVs afterwards… All of lower Manhattan was covered in it for months and these workers were breathing it in day in and day out as they worked in and around ground 0 and now are either dieing or have died because of it… Nearly all the money raised to help these families through concerts fund raisers etc never went to Any families….The whole event was pre planned and alot of people made a Ton of money on our pain and suffering to this day… WAKE UP, well be coming up on. the 20 yr anniversary soon.. There is absolutely NO REASON anyone should still believe the official story if the people who lived it and were there KNOW it was a false flag… Research Everything and God Bless

  22. dan4039

    This event Happened because people should be afraid of learning that depends of fear of Armageddon is near. My words.

  23. Karl Kennington

    listen people I will reveal to you all, it well all three planes were cruise missiles disguised as plane's 😁

  24. Alang

    Thanks God! There are still some Americans who are still decent, honest and brave to want to know the truth.

  25. Andrew Marlow

    not one passenger or pilot were on those planes they were drones flown into the towers

  26. Steven Gray

    the ppl that beleave that building 7 that larry silerstien owned was brought down with fire only OUR INFEAR OF THTE TRUTH

  27. tom d

    There were cameras in the towers, wonder if they caught the det line to the bombs lmao, gonna have to re-watch

  28. tom d

    If there were explosions being heard all the time, why did it take the building so long to come down? You know there are things in offices that will explode under intense heat, not to mention a million square plus office space with electricity, gas, oil, water, lithium batteries, computers etc etc. Gullible idiots will believe anything.

  29. systematic101

    the demolition of the buildings and the BS of the official story is so obvious I can't believe there are still people who can't see it.

  30. Lisa Atwater

    brain washed by our government , believing that we are a great country ,its a huge disappointment ,we are brainwashed from the time we enter school , growing up in usa has never been easy , but this shock of 911 , why cant they tell the truth

  31. yfridge

    The reason why people don't want to see the truth is because they can't imagine man (mankind) being so wicked!

  32. airmark02

    the "deep state" aka (the military industrial complex)
     coup d'état in slow motion has been happening since 9/11…

  33. Lon Knowles

    It's too bad Shyam is dead it would have been great to have been there to watch him die and collapse like his lies about building 7 what a piece of shit ! was that a CIA induced heart attack or maybe his lie just backed up on him .


    Geraldo is a fucking hack. Perfect spokesman for the Ministry of Information.


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