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9 Responses

  1. Maya Abramoff

    Hey im using your documentary for my english research paper, and i need to make a work cited could you tell me where you got a hold of the video, real name, author, publisher, stuff like that ?

  2. Joy Gandolfini

    The owner made a huge mistake, pointing out the children on the roof. The Judge had two daughters, not a son and daughter. So by telling this couple that had stayed there that the figures were male and female was wrong. Made her look like a fool too, especially if people know of the history of the place and family of the murdered children and mother. She should be ashamed that she told it wrong on camera.

  3. Alan Wilcox

    ok i have seen pretty ladies than Kate coronado what is her ethic group is she Indian, native american or Arabic

  4. MiyuChan

    I would love to stay in a haunted hotel someday. At the very least, stay in a hotel with a ghost story. Ghost stories are really interesting to me.

  5. Shelley Wayne

    why did Chloe have take it out on the children they were innocent it should have been the children's farther to be murdered.


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