I visited the Most Expensive Restaurant in Asia at $1,000+ A Person!
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One of the World’s Most Expensive Restaurants, Ultra Violet, in Shanghai, China, serves 10 Guests a night and Charge at least $1,000+ per person for a 23 course meal. This is an extended version of Original Shanghai Episode – https://youtu.be/B2tXvw5DYjw

I must admit experiencing all these World’s Most Expensive items, like the World’s Most Expensive (https://youtu.be/YJbvg_jiL64), is pretty damn cool, but if I had to pay for it, I probably wouldn’t do it.

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Asia’s Most Expensive Restaurant ($1,000+/person):

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42 Responses

  1. Tigerous

    Probably way less then $100 for the feast and paying extra because they're to stupid to cook.

  2. B Wilson

    Bruh.. idc if your rich or poor, if you pay $1,000 for a one person meal to shit it out the next day…. Well… you're a fuckin idiot and that's how this guy is still in business.

  3. RoosterGaming

    I wonder why people would even go here. It's expensive as fuck and it just waste a huge amount of your money. I'd rather go to burger king and eat my Deluxe hamburger meal other than going to eat here.

  4. roxyritzrocks

    How he's eating them annoys me. Its an insult to the chef. You savor them little by little. Not eat them a mouthful everytime. Ugh..!

  5. Mohammad Haque

    I worked in a night bar in London they took £1000 only for sitting 🤒

  6. Scarface Kritikos

    Because the restaurant offers food for 1000 dollars every customer, who the fuck says that their food is so much better than the first the best sushibar you enter and eat??? i mean, a scallop is a scallop, an oyster is an oyster, salmon is salmon, so for why fuck sake is that restaurant so expensive? for having the sea on the walls and doors??? no thank you. im fine with my Burger King.

  7. Lily Blackwell

    That's 2,624.99 CAD for a date if you include tax and tip…

    My god.

  8. G man B Tv

    I've never seen pete eat so slowly (not that it was possible to eat fast)

  9. Jordan Hesterberg

    Yugeee…… yugeeee….waste of money looks like absolute shit, I don't like it.

  10. AwakenedMachinist

    So, they don't have the culinary skills to produce food worth more than $100, therefore they call up visual IT technicians to jack up the prices to $1000 with corny ambiance, along with a obnoxious travel guide who tries to engage you? No thanks, I'll stick to a $7 burrito.

  11. Philip

    its obvious that you pay for an experience … pretty nice … even though it probably is ridiculously expensive

  12. Mrs. DK Shustella

    So you are paying for your meal and the other person's meal as well as all of the service. I don't think this is so cool.

  13. Keneche Yamazaki

    that opening an oyster was funny when he used his hand to open it while the chef uses the spoon 😂😂😂

  14. paul choe

    A server is wearing blue jean and Tennis shoes. $1000 restaurant ???


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