It’s billed as the hotel with “the worst view in the world”. The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem has opened its doors, packed with art works by Banksy. Subscribe for more documentaries:

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  1. luciok

    0:28 he is not a "Grafitti artist", moroon… he is one of the most complete artists ever.

  2. kkdkdk kdkekek

    why is the BBC a leftist organization when it's government-funded

  3. Robbie Rotten

    zionism is one of the most dangerous political movements ever to exist.

  4. Viva Palestina

    Absolutely nice place to stay and enjoy … Thanx Mr. Banksy .

  5. konnyturtle

    I hope Banksy reads all these antisemitic shit here! May be even he starts with real thinking

  6. Cron G

    I predict Banksy will become very well known in the distant future. What a remarkable artist in terms of messaging and creativity. He is so effective at giving the viewer a message about very relevant and often overlooked issues. A true hero of the people, thank you

  7. Grey Chip

    Who gives a flying fuck, or silly me if muslims can be made to be victims channel4 news the muslim appeaser channel will be there.

  8. TheAlbinoskunk

    Typical Palestine though, the only actual economy comes from aid and charity in the form of "investment" from self-hating bleeding hearts.

  9. Awesome Avenger

    Banksy is always very careful not to upset his core followers. He has never done anything controversial or risky. And his message is always a predictable oversimplification of whatever subject its focusing on.

  10. Ethiopian Anbessa

    Hey read the Talmudic this ppl drink child blood & sleep little boys they are devils. Christians needs to support fellow Christians. #FreePalestine

  11. Adam Smith

    looking to buy a Palestinian history book/ holy book, proof of existence in israel pre the nineteenth century before Islamic natzi general all Hussaini started massacres of jews in 1917, and their movement began.

  12. Nathan Gillies

    When people say Israel is an apartheid , I'd love for them to actually go there and prove themselves wrong – such a stupid argument VIVA ISRAEL 🇮🇱

  13. kudopoint1

    Hey Krishana you piece of shit, why not mention that these settlements are illegal.
    And why is it always "alleged" when speaking about the Israeli regime crimes ?

  14. Southern Resistance

    Britain supports this apartheid, absolutely disgusting, the terror state of Israel must stop land grabbing. where is the UN?


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