5 of the best Hotels in the world What is your favourite hotel/resort? Leave a comment! 1. Gili Lankanfushi – Maldives 2. Burj Al Arab – Dubai 3. Ciragan Palace …

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  2. Batotit Oftwotree

    I wonder how the waste disposal works in those rooms in Maldives. Do they store poop like in airplanes or just… plop!

  3. John Huggins

    such obstentatious!!
    The people with too much money being waited on hand and foot,don't know what it means to struggle with paying bills,earning enough to make sure the children do not go to bed hungry.

  4. noella wema

    respect aux architectes et surtout aux ouvriers pour la construction et ceux qui ont eu l'idée et pour le financement quelles équipes au top

  5. Raaz Kumaar

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