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    Mate, let's be honest. I follow your channel for the rawness and genuine personality, not for beautiful cinematics and cut scenes. Keep it real. Don't let your "friends" lead you down the garden path, your channel is unique and gives great escape to us who can't do what your doing. Keep it up.

  2. Erin Dobinson

    You could do lively. It's an awesome app where you can chat with viewers LIVE. Other youtubers use it

  3. Baby Bear Creates

    That end part made me laugh my ass off. Oh and that Skull Island video ROCKED!

  4. KinoWriting

    I thought it was another "look at me having fun at a resort." But I respect you being humble, appreciating beyond the luxury. Sweet personality josh.

  5. Keith Explores

    Never change Josh, no matter how big you grow on here. Don't become like some of those other youtubers who are up their own asses because they let it all go to their heads. That's one of the reasons I like your videos. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. gigi f

    search for Baciu forest in Romania! They say something about a portal and missing people who went into it !

  7. Josh Orozco

    I love how you wanna be more close and personal. I also love how your so humble and simple

  8. vanessa nessia

    that's what I say ,I LOVE humble people and hate cocky people your such a beautiful person never change 😘😇

  9. Pati Giddens

    Im a 64 yr. old Nana and I do the same!!!! Youth rocks!!!!! Thanks Josh, oh, love the dance!!!!!!! Stay safe!!!😀

  10. * IntoTheMystic *

    I love you Josh and your video's are amazing and so are you ! I like when you are personal with us.

  11. Cesar Mieses

    Cool video! I was in Bali in August '16. I had a resort hotel in Nusa Dua.

  12. Katelynn Bentz

    i love watching your explorations. makes me want to start planning more trips out of the country so i can explore as well. Keep doing what you do best!

  13. Callum Pike Potter

    I'm off work Thursday if your near Sanur, I'd be more then happy to show you a abandoned place in Sanur :)

  14. William Monto

    I'm 38 and I've been watching your channel for months now. At first I thought you probably were some cocky kid and I was probably too old to be watching, BUT you are a role model for your generation for entrepreneurial passion, drive, kindness, etc. Young people would do well to listen to your advice.

  15. LifeOfMikey

    if your not cocky or Better than anybody why don't u ever reply to damn tweets!

  16. Brett Pardo

    Hey man even the little talk at the end made me feel like i was with you and you were talking to me 🙂

    Some are subscribed and get mad when theres no abandoned content but alot of us also like you and your videos so do what makes you happy :)

  17. oIobersyko

    trust me yall can get way more better villa, thats not the best one in bali


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