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  1. Dere Drd

    Hi TLTE ! How long do you stayed in the hotel in general ? Thx for your video that's my motivation for more work !

  2. TheAbbeyFILM

    I see a face on the tree besides the pool! 7:40 Creepy… But very nice review and resort love it!

  3. yves-st Dorian

    compared to Soneva Fushi in Maldives, this one is nothing to shout about..

  4. Karen Grace Aung

    Having seen this and the Soneva Maldives videos you made, I have noticed, that whilst the resorts are incredibly luxurious, and the Suites large, the beds seem small in comparison. Surely the bed is one of the most important factors in a hotel room. Also, the resorts you visit, whilst perfectly serene and peaceful, seem to be deserted, which ruins the ambience. Maybe you get up and film at the crack of dawn?

  5. ed sec

    Best in the world??? I think it is a gross exaggeration sorry. There are hundreds of much more beautiful contenders for that title,  this is not one. You have reviewed some great hotels but this is so mundane and boring. Also the beach and waters are not even pristine nor are the views spectacular. Just my opinion of course.

  6. William Alford

    One thing that stands out for me is the complete lack of wildlife. I don't even think I saw a single bird in any of the video. Very strange.

  7. Marie Lou 3M

    Very nice but it seems like you're only doing sightseeing, no feelings like you're a tourist swimming in the pool or beach, what you're eating, staff doing entertainment at night, etc. Aren't you bored? Do you travel alone? Don't you have a wife or girlfriend? Thanks for sharing your luxurious travel videos. But still I find happiness in meeting other people though.

  8. Haiwei's Happiness

    Were you speedboating on a beach or a river because I searched Koh Kood's island resort and it was on a land?

  9. EnoBordó - Wine tours - Visitas a bodegas

    Beautiful Hotel! Excellent video!! Good job!

  10. vic vega

    If I stayed there I would tell the owner "The joint is butiful don't change a ting"

  11. bushyconn

    The rooms (suites) may be big, but it all seems a bit claustrophobic – until you get on to the beach.

  12. Grumpy Cat

    I thought soneva kiri its in the maldives!! Never knew its in thailand.. Thanks for this info


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