We did the Flash Mob tonight in the PLANET HOLLYWOOD casino. Watch the video “PHAMOUS PLANET HOLLYWOOD FLASH MOB”

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28 Responses

  1. Lauren Cook

    some people would think shay is bragging but i just think its cool


    I never wanted to see a plane crash before take off before… Holy shit you're annoying… act like you've been to Vegas before dude

  3. Johnson chen

    I stayed at Bally and I saw the Effie tower to and the pool the hotel was across the street lol

  4. MrMagic686

    Back in 2009, this was the first shaytards video I ever watched and I haven't missed one since!!!
    Still love you, Shay!!!

  5. 鞠天音

    Hey,this guy really have some kind of magic that makes people happy hehe

  6. 316sina

    Thats the kinda asshole i dont wanna travel with or run into on my flight

  7. Chad Gali

    The best room in Las Vegas is the two buildings one (I forgot the the name) it's the twin buildings they have a room that have massive rooms no joke

  8. IzzyWooLoL

    That's not Vegas it's Paris because efill tower is in Paris maybe my mind wrong ehh whatever but that's a cool room

  9. Mohd Borhanuddin Abdul Kadir

    try to make a video about you and your family going to a gym

  10. Brandy Barnett

    To think five years later Shay invites Lisa to Idaho to his new fancy house


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