Best Hotels in Sukhumvit (Bangkok)
I prefer to travel lightly (with a back pack), but sleep in a hip & stylish place with a comfortable bed, and I’ve had the opportunity to visit several of Bangkok’s hotels in my many visits to that city. I usually stay in Sukhumvit for convenience, and realize there may be nicer hotels in Bangkok, but generally not at this price and not in this neighborhood. I like to stretch my dollar and get something for it. I’m fairly discerning when it comes to this principal…In other words – I’m cheap.
I have stayed at the mandarin Oriental and the Four Seasons , but I can rarely budget for those properties in Bangkok anymore, as they’ve nearly caught up to western prices. I chose these three hotels because they checked the boxes that are important to me: they’re all relatively inexpensive (rooms can be gotten for under $100), lean towards hip design (to varying degrees) and feature above average food & restaurants. This is by no means a definitive list. These are the places I’ve personally experienced and my opinion is that, for the money, you shouldn’t be disappointed with any of these.
best hotels
John Cragen
PK Jazz Collective
The Continent Bangkok
The Majestic Grande
Best Hotels

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