Buena Vista Social Club 2x LP – released 23rd October 2015.

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The original Buena Vista Social Club album was recorded for World Circuit Records over seven days at the vintage EGREM studios in Havana. Released in 1997, the album went to on to become a worldwide phenomenon, selling over 8 million copies and helping to introduce Cuba’s rich musical heritage and pre-revolutionary past.

Now, almost two decades later, World Circuit Records are delighted to present ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ on double vinyl – released for the very first time in Europe on 23/10/2015.

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World Circuit Records have established their reputation by producing some of the finest world music albums of the past two decades, specialising in music from Cuba and West Africa. The label is best known for the GRAMMY winning Buena Vista Social Club album, which is the biggest selling world music album of all time, and led to the phenomenal rise in popularity of Cuban music. 10 years after their historic concert in New York, World Circuit release Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall.

World Circuit’s African artists enjoy equal prestige, including Grammy winning albums from Ali Farka Touré and kora virtuoso Toumani Diabaté, Mali’s ‘star of stars’ Oumou Sangare, afrobeat legend Tony Allen, and the great Orchestra Baobab.


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30 Responses

  1. Anny Alvarado

    Me encanta los sonidos que emite cada uno de los instrumentos, realmente es música, ese sabor tan exquisito de nuestras tierras Latinoamericanas. ¡Hermoso trabajo musical!

  2. María Luisa Cargnello

    trabajando. me genera mucha energía y alegría escuchar estas melodías !!

  3. detoxbvigilant52

    PLEASE CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THE SONG AT 52:15 IS? Beautiful piano work. This is music to win a woman over with.
    So sensuous, so sensual but then we're talking about Cuban masters.
    Thanks for the upload.

  4. પેંગ્વિન

    it's amazing how this album needs no translation to be understood perfectly

  5. PuraLife

    Un Álbum que merece un lugar en la historia como una de las mejores obras musicales. Tremendo talento!

  6. Moregane Vera

    I discovered the documentary in VHS and I felt in love with those fabulous artists…..
    When I'm sad, they give hope..some king a way to see life..Cuba is changing, yes, but Cuba forgot them… Life was difficult, but still they were proud to be Cuban people…
    For me, they were always be the soul of real Cuba…..

  7. rumle

    When I was a kid, from kindergarden to around year 5 of school I lived i various places in Africa. My parents always listened to this album along with a gin tonic and beer nuts

  8. Adriano Uriel S dos Santos

    De Alto Cedro voy para Marcané
    Llego a Cueto y voy para Mayarí
    El cariño que te tengo
    Yo no lo puedo negar
    Se me sale la babita
    Yo no lo puedo evitar

    Cuando Juanica y Chan Chan
    En el mar cernían arena
    Como sacudía el 'jibe'
    A Chan Chan le daba pena

    Limpia el camino de pajas
    Que yo me quiero sentar
    En aquel tronco que veo
    Y así no puedo llegar
    De Alto Cedro voy para Macané
    Llego al Puerto voy para Mayarí


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