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50 Responses

  1. BennyDACHO

    This is probably the most disgusting commercial I've ever seen. Leave it to the oafish Arabs to make unctuous videos like this with naïve Westerners (the white wife of course being blonde) and making sure the "hotel greeters" are scummy Arab men and servile East Asian women (most likely enslaved by their racist Dubai Arab overlords and forced to work for free). Naturally, so westerners think that the UAE/Dubai is a progressive place that does not oppress women or minorities. In reality it's a repressive, downtrodden place lacking basic human rights. How dumb do they think we are? Most of us know this is one of the scummiest places on Earth.

    I'd never take my wife and kid there. They'd probably fuck camels and then rape white women and children. Fuck 'em, and fuck the white sellouts in the video.

  2. Hưởng Đặng Thị Ngọc

    Stay at home, but I can travel around the world. Read book and watch on youtube channel. The outside of my small town is the large world.

  3. Hưởng Đặng Thị Ngọc

    Woh, so beautiful. I have just read a book that it write about the first 7 star hotel in the world.

  4. James Morris

    Muslims are quick to betray their islamic values to profit from wealthy westerners.

  5. Максат Беделбаев

    Дубайга качан барабыз биз байкуш

  6. Arab_Lifeاشنشننينشز Forever

    Okay tbh there was 2 Asians 2 Arabs 1 black girl and there were like 20 white people

  7. Arab_Lifeاشنشننينشز Forever

    Great now I know that Dubai,Israel,Egypt,Jordan are now white tourist traps

  8. Arab_Lifeاشنشننينشز Forever

    Oh great there's gonna be the Arabs serving all these rich white people…..

  9. Aladin Ben Terzi

    every 2 minutes a child dies in africa because of hunger and starvation… never mind enjoy your "World's Most Luxurious Hotel"

  10. Darmaan Khan

    I am sure the facilities provided here will not worth than those offered in other luxurious hotels. But I still support such brains who build such grand palaces because this is one of the easiest ways to extract money from the pockets of billionaires, , they who don't want to give a 50$ currency note in alms to a needy one, are happily and wholeheartedly agreed to pay a huge amount of thousands dollars.

  11. Noam Chomsky

    Those big nosed, brown skinned, hideous looking gargoyles want to make me puke.

  12. dambigfoot

    I hate these rich people that think they are better than everyone because everything was handed to them. Only people that go here are snobby uptight rich assholes.

  13. XboxSuperGamer360

    Too much exquisite for my taste, prefer something more unformal and less muslim, more fun, cheers…


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