Make a hotel booking at P 72 Hotel Pattaya at P72 Hotel, bar and …

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  1. Sanjay Pethe

    How far is the Beach from this place ? What is the rent for 1 month for 1 person ?
    Electricity,Hot water,Wifi ,Kitchen gas and all other charges are included in the Rent ?
    Kitchen and Utensiles are available in kitchen.?
    Please send the Detail address and contact person and phone number ?

  2. farm boy

    I would give this hotel a pass. I stayed there in april 2016. The management was not hospitable . I had no problems with this hotel in 2010, but not this time. It is affordable but the lady at the desk kept insisting that we had not already paid for our rooms, when we had. They finally figured out their mistake and tried to apologize but I had enough and I checked out. They were also rude to my lady guest. The Air conditioning was not very good either.

  3. bradley Bradley

    As you can see, the room is alright, the location is right in the middle of Walking Street and they don't give a shit who you bring back to your room. My only problem is that it is Loud Loud Loud as fck till at least 3 AM. Like DF said there's a band playing in the bar not to mention noise from all the other bars. The building will shake until the noise stops..if you are out till 3 or 4 in the morning it may not be a problem though. Come Sunrise, the noise is gone and you can probably sleep like a baby until Happy Hour.

  4. danny collingwood

    I really love the way you explain the things mate..So much self explanatory mate…Good video sir…..

  5. john smith

    The food at the P72 restaurant is very good.
    However, a little expensive for cheap charlie types;)
    The only problem is the touts trying to sell you stuff (if you don't want).
    Just politely say, "mai ow krap" (I don't want).

  6. John Scott

    I stayed at P.72 in January (and have booked for June), I stayed in the deluxe tower, it's right across the alley, you can see it at 0:43, where you see the balcony with the cream-ish coloured paint.

    The rooms appears to be a little smaller to what you showed, but everything is brand new, lcd tv, fancy bathroom, etc.

  7. manos3790

    Those prices and reasonable for walking street, but overpriced when you consider the cost of rooms in Soi Buakow only half a km away.

  8. rajeshbangga

    Hi mate grt videos. Any advice for a decent hotel to stay in Bangkok and Pattaya within the action for few nights. Cheers. Regards from Sydney.

  9. Rafa Rajab

    thanks appreciatd a lot , but but bu is not noisy on walking street ?????

  10. onanidaily

    I have never stayed at the P72 hotel (stayed at the Hotel Beverly Plaza which is just down the alley and across second road) but I ate breakfast at the restaurant here almost everyday for many years. The green curry chicken is phenomenal.

  11. Somak Roy

    Hi Farang,thanx for the vdo….some queries about P72:
    Is there any security concern like police rate for bringing hookers or chance of theft?

    Do P72 charge extra for bringing hookers??…. Thanks in advance

  12. Jatz Krackers

    P72 is the worst hotel I have stayed in while in Pattaya. Beds are so hard, receptionist is the most unhappy woman I have ever seen, food is ok but, nothing special and the hotel cleanliness is rather pathetic.


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