Brian Cox from the Travel Vlogger takes you to the cheapest hotel room in the Paris city center. At least the cheapest he could find online. Hotel des Arts is a one star accommodation with zero amenities…what are you waiting for?

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  1. GRINGO life

    60 euros lol u spend 20 days u pay 1200 euros , with this budget

    l prefere pay my ticket to thailand for less than 500 euros go and back from paris

    , and rent clean and nice room for 300 euros month includ electric and water , and 100 euros month for bike125cc , another 120 euros ticket bkk to kuala lumpur go and back
    spend 5 days in KL hotel ,3 station far from twin tower , 15 euros day (75 e)

    and lm still under 1200 euros

  2. Conrad

    F1 Hotel is at the same star rating but thousand times better than this hotel! Trust me, stayed in an F1 in Clermont Ferrand and the quality is even better and cheaper


    Great vid. Please take a look at my vids! I hope you like it 🙂 Thank you! -Keep it up!

  4. Ann marie White

    oh god you just butchered the French language there with goodnight!!:) I wouldn't sleep there if they paid me !

  5. 64fairlane359

    check out hotel tolbiac next time, mybe not the cheapest but cheap and acceptable. includes a friendly cat btw

  6. jopes8888

    We just came back from Thailand, where we had an perfect holiday. I would strongly recommend +besttraveltrip. com+, they also can give you some trip plans by only entering a city or country. We will definitely book our next vacation again.

  7. louis boulter

    the chepest hotel in paris or france is THE F1 hotel its 17GBP a night

  8. Léo H

    Don't forget there's Airbnb! I think it is the best way to enjoy your journey in Paris 🙂

  9. Grumpy Cat

    wow 63 EUR for that kind of room is quite exp for american standard

  10. The Amazing Spider Man 2 - Facebook Game

    Cool. I'd love to go to Paris. But yeah, gotta upgrade if you can for sure… LOL

  11. abdurhman alsharari

    hey it is enough . I have traveled for many countries and i used to be worried when booking a hotel I always wanted it to be in very good condition , but I realized that I only use it when i want to sleep and the rest of the day im out , so as long as it is safe not , it is ok 

  12. The Travel Vlogger

    Thanks for the tip! I will definitely do this next time i'm in Paris!

  13. cruisinaltitude

    Yes, Paris is crazy expensive; I paid 60 EUR the last time I was there for the basics. It was in the Le Mare area.

  14. Mark Wiens

    The balcony and big window make it a lot better! I may need to stay there one day too!


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