Clip 1 out of 6.

An excellent documentary about the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan that I recorded some time ago with my Elgato EyeTV. The legendary hotel manager at the time and majority owner, Stanley Bard, is the main speaker. He talks about the many famous and sometimes infamous people who have stayed at the Chelsea over the many years of its existence.

The documentary is in six parts, and each segment is about ten minutes in length. I used the rudimentary but workable editor within the EyeTV software, which is incredible by the way, and exported the snippets in MPEG4 format as it seemed to be the best and easiest way.

This documentary was made in September, 2001. The final takes in segment 6 were done on the roof of the Chelsea on September 11, just after 9 am. It’s all very emotional and tragic.

God bless Stanley Bard who gave these people a home, and without whom New York and the world would be poorer.

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13 Responses

  1. MowgliX

    The subtitling for this documentary is excellent and absolutely correctly done. I know this because I used to do it for a living. I was a professional subtitler and translator.

  2. Art Busker

    Excelente Documental !!! Sigue funcionando como Hotel en la actualidad ???

  3. Leslie Ake

    Oh man. This is amazing. Thank you so much for letting us see the Chelsea when we can't physically be there. 🙂 wonderful.

  4. MowgliX

    I believe that the hotel is closed now, and nobody knows if or when it will ever open again. It is a mystery.

  5. Man-Laï Events

    i love the film being a long time resident you capture Stanley and April and Norman beautifuly! just a mistake of typo i guess about Nico song the chelsea girls is room 456

  6. Robert Knafo

    a friend of mine just finished a 1hr feature documentary on the Chelsea. you should know about each other.

  7. Helen Bartley

    so glad to see how well you understood the chelsea and the amazing stanley bard. yes, god bless him…


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