For some reason the video of their full set dropped the audio for about 30 seconds so I decided to upload this song on it’s own to make up for it.

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  1. John Drumm

    I know they have a history, I just think that Craig just want quite up to it. And all of their stuff with Brandon is awesome to. Either way, whether Craig came back out not, chiodos is definitely going to continue to be good.

  2. Matt Durk

    soo wrong just soo wrong he def developed a dif tone in Drugs but him and Radley and derrick have history and know each others tones and its just simply perfect, they have been band members since High school

  3. John Drumm

    Im glad craig left. When he was with drugs, that when he seemed to actually develop his singing. When he was with chiodos, he just always sounded off and tried to do too much. He is much better now


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