Originally broadcast October 18, 2013

Marketplace is checking back in to six of Canada’s largest hotel chains, testing to see if they have cleaned up their act after we revealed The Dirt on Hotels last year. Are the stains on the sheets and walls gone? Are the bathrooms and ice machines free of bacteria? Despite promises to address the shocking conditions, bedroom surprises still lurk in some of Canada’s most popular hotels.

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27 Responses

  1. RVP Deals

    Marketplace..Can you please check the rooms in Niagara Falls? My friends and I stay there A LOT and we would like to know how they compare to Toronto hotels.

  2. realtotherealest

    Funny Super 8 is the cheapest of them all and yet it's cleaner. I had to clean my remote control after this.

  3. xele fonte

    (11:40) "We find filthy rooms at every hotel we test except for Super 8." This CBC Marketplace episode was brought to by Super 8: only the best hotel in our opinion.

  4. Julia Manalo

    thanks–i did that too–bringing wipes and using all their soap there for cleaning everything–i have somethin for bed to lie down..and dared not use their hotel slippers..nor blankets or towels!!!

  5. AR R

    out of curiosity, is it legal guys to catch employees on hidden cameras?

  6. bangtanprincess 07

    when I go to hotels I bring my own everything including my own toothpaste

  7. ItX Kitty

    IM A SUPER CLEAN FREAK I barfed about 3 times after watching this😖😤😐🤢😭😱

  8. Nug tg

    unless out repaint that stain won't go away, and even then you're just covering with Paint. lesson: don't lick the sinks, Walls, floors, or anything your mouth doesn't normally touch

  9. Nug tg

    we use the toilet brush to clean sinks at the school I work at soaks in a bucket of disinfectant. it's really OK unless you're licking the sink

  10. lucas daher

    i work in a hotel and everything is clean, but if we had that stain flash light to use it on the sheets we'd have to discart all of the sheets, towels, pillow cases, because they would all have a stain or something on it, most of the pillow cases the stains is because of make up, i think most hotels doesn't do a good job cleanning the blankets and under the mattress, but is not like the hotels are gonna have led stain detector flashlights so they can see the stains that you cant even see unless you have led stain flashlights detec, and they said the stain on the wall is piss, it could be anything but they always think of the worst thing that it can be smh…

  11. Harry Brown

    Doesn't help that they get paid per room at many hotels, leading to them to compete over who can clean the most rooms that morning.

  12. simone blues

    That's why I take Clorox wipes and clean everything and these are just nasty cleaning people I have done this type of work but never use the comforters they don't get changed very often

  13. Angie DIY

    whatsoever I always get to this side of YouTube on Friday night or on weekends

  14. Amanda B

    I used to work at the Sheraton 13 years ago housekeeping and the cleaning standards then were just as bad. Housekeepers are expected to clean 16 rooms in 8 hours including a break so you get less than 30 minutes in each room. I quit because I couldn't do the 16 in a day because i was trying to ACTUALLY clean.


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