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Technology has changed the game. Consumers can ignore advertising and marketing at will. To break through the clutter, brands need to tell remarkable stories worth listening to and become the media in the process.

The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing, a new documentary by the Content Marketing Institute, is the first comprehensive film of its kind for the industry. It explores the evolution of content marketing through the eyes of the world’s biggest leading brands such as Red Bull, Kraft and Marriott; and marketing influencers, including Joe Pulizzi, Ann Handley, Scott Stratten, Jay Baer and more. Featuring case studies from early pioneers to today’s marketing innovators, you’ll learn how content marketing has been–and will continue– to change business and media forever.

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32 Responses

  1. Super Peter

    Content as a marketing strategy, might not be sustainable in the near future because consumer attention is a rapidly decreasing with the rise of more and more new social media. I believe that code is the new marketing. For example, if people could go to your website and just fill out a form, and you have some kind of artificial intelligence generating a report full of recommendations and resources for that particular visitor, then your company has performed a useful service without taking too much time from the consumer or the business buyer. In that scenario, content might still have a role to play but it will be specific content that is suggested to the website visitor, based on her input. A little bit like what Netflix or Amazon is currently doing, suggesting relevant options for their customers and visitors. But this artificial intelligence will be much more specific and will generate more detailed reports for the customer.

  2. Nataniel Burton

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  3. H-CUP

    I have to say this!


    Thank you for sharing about this and informing me about The Content Marketing. It's very informing and at the same time like it mentioned, a great story, certainly.

  4. elukok

    This video is like one long ad. 43 minutes of talking yet saying absolutely nothing.


    Content marketing: how to use hypnotic lights to get you to press a button that empties your bank account in exchange for a bottle of crap.

  6. Fratzke Brothers

    SO much good info on here! We can see why many are loving this piece!

  7. Katrina Katress

    I truly enjoyed this video and found it extremely helpful and insightful. Thank you.

  8. Rezza Pradana Putra

    it's such an inspirational content especially when you'll be facing a job interview of digital content executive role. well, have a great day everyone !

  9. Heather Mansell Schroeder

    Great documentary! Thanks for so many awesome and inspiring stories shared with your fellow marketers. Love the B roll at the end! 🙂

  10. Monica Wagner

    This is great Content marketing about Content marketing! I loved the general athmosphere of de video. I've just started my journey in marketing and I was having a hard time looking for something that would really motivate me! Thank you for posting this video, it really helped methink of new stories to tell.

    All the best, Monica

  11. Himanshu Khiyani

    Wonderful….A documentary on content marketing which is actually content marketing.

  12. Drayton Bird

    The Emperor has no clothes. I am waiting to see if there has ever been any marketing without content. Maybe ads with nothing in them, or blank commercials.


    We watched this video with a pen and paper. The information contained in it is mind blowing. We highly commend the production team for this job well done.
    But now that we know that content marketing has come to stay, what do you think would be the future of content marketing with the rapid spring up of new media?

  14. SuperDeluxeEdition

    This was awesome! I've learned new ways of thinking watching this video. I feel motivated to guide my business in a different direction and start thinking of how I can use content marketing this newer way. Thank you for creating this documentary. It makes a lot of sense for the times we live in today!

  15. Verónica Nunes Amaro

    I'd like to share this video with my clients, do you have any version with spanish subtitles?

  16. Alexander Novoselov

    I have a travel website about Moscow. I watched this video and decided to be more useful to my readers and added a button "Ask me".

  17. Darshi Pandit

    Due to the increase in the consumers consuming social media content (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc..), you guys are subtly promoting your institute by showcasing this brilliant content; which to my knowledge is a classic example of a brand promoting themselves via content marketing. A brilliant promotional strategy to get your brand out there in this chaotic and noisy world.
    Usually an educational institute would promote themselves by just showcasing what courses they provide through annoying pop-up ads or sponsored facebook posts etc.., but you guys have actually differentiated yourselves by creating a knowledgeable & valuable content and sharing it for free through social media (Youtube), with the main objective of enticing your potential customers to get an interest in such a field so that they can sign up for your courses, thereby increasing your customer base. A genius marketing move. Kudos to you guys!!!!


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