In a country where people can own two or three homes, these are the stories of those who don’t have one.

All three girls and their families have endured the emotional trauma of being thrown out of their homes. With nowhere to go they are absorbed into the hidden world of bed and breakfasts, hotels, safe houses and temporary accommodation. With all of their belongings locked away in storage the girls are literally left with the clothes they stand in.

Living in overcrowded and cramped conditions often miles away from school and friends, the fate of homeless families falls to anonymous council departments who judge and decide if they deserve to be helped and housed. If they are found “Intentionally Homeless” then the Council can remove them from its homelessness statistics, and no longer has a responsibility to house them beyond 28 days in a B&B. Shelter and other charities have seen that the numbers found “intentionally homeless” have increased considerably since central government instructed Councils to “reduce homelessness”.

Meanwhile the impact on families and children are devastating. The children in particular face isolation, social exclusion and bullying; they may also miss months of schooling.

Home is something we don’t fully appreciate until it is taken away, its not until this happens that you understand just how important it really is, and how bleak and terrifying life can be with No Home.

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28 Responses

  1. No1fibersplicer

    I'm a smoker but even I know quit complaining about a couple of bucks here and there while you chain smoke 15$ a day between the two of you!

  2. Gandalfdenvite

    In Sweden families, children, can not be evicted! These poor families are helped by welfare so that they have somewhere to live and have food and clothes, and ofcourse school and healtcare!

  3. stinne petersen

    That father from Minehead, is the most amazing man ever. I cant believe his strength… What an amazing fighter, i really hope that he survive the pressure, otherwise the children are lost.

  4. Ruth Rogers-Wright

    The system is screwed by trillionaires and people squabbling over the left over pickings. Looking at many of the comments here one sees that many find it ok to blame the poor. The poorest do not make decisions that deprive them of work and affordable housing. Now one needs constant up skilling, mobile phones, computers, internet etc just to keep up…

  5. Ruth Rogers-Wright

    bus drivers are so poorly paid, many jobs are too low for average rents in UK. Children should be looked after by some one .

  6. Kalo Green

    i feel sorry for all this people
    its easy to judge when we don't walk on they shoes,poor innocent kids r suffering!!!
    god bless them

  7. cinnamongirl3121

    How the heck is he supposed to work when he's got 6 people that he literally has to care for. Watching her lying in bed while he tries to calm her down enough to breathe. Watching him burst into tears because he can't handle the stress. This is not good for the children and any of you that think it is are wrong and you know it. The children need to be removed to a place where they can be cared for properly. The parents need to get the help they need to get back on their feet THEN they get their kids back, in that order. As it stands those poor kids are headed for a hell of a future.

  8. cinnamongirl3121

    Worker says "we'll take the children in" so they'll have what they need and what do the parents say "no". Shame on them for being so selfish.

  9. Rebecca McInroy

    I feel horrible, for the family, if the father wasn't this strong, the kids would be lost, the mom needs to be strong for her babies,

  10. VMC 786

    Charlotte shouldn't have to pick up the role of the Mother just because the Mother is depressed.. Fastest way to send your kids down the same path. She needs to get a grip, her saying she doesn't want to move to Minehead, well lady, beggars can't be choosers, get a grip and be the Mother you chose to be, Parenting comes with all stresses but it's how you deal with them and away from the children, they do not need it at their ages.. One thing for certain, it can only get better can't it.

  11. Sean Hippywot

    Tragic situations man. Currently writing a book to fund a new homeless shelter in Manchester. Common people can help in small ways, just take some positive action. 1 person at a time.

  12. VinessaGaming

    WAIT the parents allowed to let their grandchildren be homeless?


    I've developed the belief over time: people do not give a healthy damn what they inflict on their children. If you substitute 'Mercedes' for 'child' people would have a different response. It is one thing to be doing well and then have the rug pulled out from under you. Quite another to be poverty stricken, have nothing, and to choose to sprog anyway. This type just plays house with real live dollies at others expense, even if they are in shelters or whatever. Breeding gets a pass every time.

  14. terrylovesenegal

    It must have been terribly difficult on the filming crew to follow the awful and sad predicament of these suffering
    families, particularly the children. Poverty and homelessness is appalling but
    in a cold country it is even worse particularly in a rich northern country.
    There is something very wrong with the system and there is no hope that things
    will be changing any time soon. Very sad and depressing.

  15. Janette Norval

    They seem a lovely family to me, the children are loved and the dad is doing his best! I hope they find a permanent home so they can raise their lovely children in peace.

  16. The Real ClarkOfMiddletown

    Maybe it's because I'm from America, but seems there is a serious lack of empathy from the system in England.

  17. Ria Smart

    Obvs this is just an opinion but half of those folks seem healthy enough to be employed and provide for their beautiful children. I am really questioning those parents, like just because they can't be arsed to work why are their children's happiness and security being compensated for?? like the constant change of environment is so traumatizing for a kid! obvs I dont know the ins and outs but I am only judging from what I am seeing.

  18. Louella Wilson

    In the first family, I thought the father was the eldest child. The mother looked so old. Their situation is unforgivable, shunted from one agency to the next in dire weather. I'm afraid this will only get worse as governments defund more and more social services.

  19. Cheyvonne Cassidy

    Hats off to the guy with the 5 children. Most men would crack in his situation, he held it all together so well especially the fact his wife had mental health issues too. Hope the families are doing well.

  20. A Hood

    "thought i had built a perfect life for my children and my partner, working as a bus driver" LMFAOOO

  21. Carol Steele

    If they all would stop spending money on cigarettes they could feed their children better. They are healthy young men they should be out looking for jobs. If they can't get a good job they should not of had all those kids. I don't feel sorry for them !!

  22. Em1973

    Charlotte is amazing. She has truly stepped up the the plate even though she is so young.


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