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  1. iiNeonGreen Roblox

    everytime i watch these i feel someone watching me and i get this bad vibe and then i turn the tv on and then it gets worse while its on and im watching these vids
    like am i haunted someone tell me?

  2. Luis Diego

    the last disembodied voice says" please stop" but a second before that a shadow is walking to zack then that voice

  3. Linda Windle

    working with the elderly everyday I know fantastic story's but does anyone listen I know I do x

  4. Linda Windle

    Oh and I really do think you lot need to listen to the old generation because we learn a lot from them not from friends and who ever but the people that have lived and know a lot

  5. Jon Michael

    will someone please check this out there are multiple things that visually appear right before the little girl voice

  6. Jon Michael

    right before you hear the little girl yell you can see a shadow figure change shape in the doorway twice

  7. Killake Cat

    so many memories, I missed old times. this be real ghost adventures. not present zak bagans attention seeker adventures.

  8. sipai thepipboo

    i wonder if aaron is a smoker, his voice is like an octave higher here lol

  9. teresa sparks

    what I don't get is why Zak is very obviously his true self here, compared to the way he is now. No black black hair, clothes, shoes, glasses, jacket and the like. He has on bright colors, and actually looks like himself. I am not saying that paranormal stuff isn't real, I firmly believe in all things paranormal and weird. I appreciate the documentary, it has all the real stuff, but I wish that he would go back to his real self, and stop acting all dark and creepy. Dark and creepy is something you are, not wear…believe me, I am known as creepy, for as long as I can remember. Find more of these, it's sooooo much better then the show now, and more real!!!!

  10. Paula Fulton

    wow that stripped shirt is not what he wears today lol, Does any one know what the very first episode called please.

  11. Lord Kaiser

    BE CAREFUL DON'T WATCH at 28:17 ! and soon after again there is a STILL PICTURE added to the documentary, that was not included in the Original aired show. I believe a Satan worshiper put that image in as a MEANS OF CURSE to people watching as soon as they see it.

    The video uploaded was uploaded 3rd party, not by Ghost adventures or the Travel Chanel.

    Make your Prayers To GOD through Jesus Christ for protection as I am going to do NOW,
    These kinda things are embedded into youtube to cause people in REAL LIFE to receive CALAMITY .


  12. Ghost Inspectors

    Since the beginning of man kind. There has always been that popular question "Are ghost and the Supernatural real "? Today's technology has allowed us to take a big leap getting closer to answering that question. Unfortunately technology has also left us scratching our heads once footage is revealed. Is it real or fake? It is my belief there is only one way to prove it.

    It's reasons like these shows why I set out to prove the supernatural to myself. Is why I formed my own Paranormal Investigation team. From the first "Ghost Labs" To Zack and the gang. Love these shows!

  13. Martha Schwartz

    It's sad how Nick got kicked to the curb.. it was his baby too! Damn you Bagans

  14. Jennifer Stinebaugh

    it be so cool if u heard Nick in a real low voice say I'm right here…. all dark and sinister but zac can't hear him

  15. Jennifer Stinebaugh

    ha before zac became a self obsorbed prick ..who now acts so superior to his friends …nice zac see money does change you

  16. Nelly Huaman

    awesome documentary!! love the Ghost adventures!! miss Nick though….


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