I am an expat living in Pattaya Thailand, I am showing you the area not just the Bars and clubs but everything that Pattaya has to offer you whether on Holiday or …

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  1. Hua Hin Joe

    Good video Kev, last time I was in Pattaya I don't even remember the hotel, it was all a blur.

  2. nelco69

    Hi, Kev. Nice places. The price is ok for a couple of nights, but if you are there for a month it would cost you £563, which isn't cheap. Maybe that is because of the location, it is pretty central. However useful information. The pound is just over 44 Baht right now which is quite depressing.


  3. MrFourkinghell

    Kev is good. Excellent, accurate info presented in a happy positive way.


  4. BigD Travels

    If you take a Baht Bus to Walking street at night, it'll take you 3 hours.  Not good Advice.  Bukhao is a bit to far for the action.

  5. Bill Collie

    My one and only time I've been to Thailand I stayed at the Diana Inn right on the main drag. Excellent with pool et all. They even arranged rounds of golf at Siam country club

  6. jonneil smyth

    whats up with your mouth n gums kev stop eating pussy lol …fair play 2 u im kinda jealous even tho im half your age

  7. Unique Wall Art, Quotes & Designs By Gemma Duffy

    Your A Great Man For Sharing Your Knowledge, Cheers Tony

  8. avinash awasthi

    hi keV what is the price for this hotel if you can tell please.. will be a great help nd please tell me in baht only…

  9. Jonny Malcolm

    This is a brilliant video Kev I have been to Thailand 8 times Pattaya three times for long periods but I love to learn new things about it.i like this video because it's interesting places where to stay and about bout night life keep them coming thank you for your time,will you be there in December January time

  10. pv20ft6

    Thanks Kev for sharing this video. I like all your videos. Good info. Keep up the good work. Wish you well

  11. Mike's Paradise Of Food & Travel

    Last time I came to Pattaya I stayed at Pattaya blue sky which was okay. It had a pool on the roof.

  12. John Peddubriwny

    It's worth mentioning that TT Travel are usually the best rates for foreign exchange in Pattaya. As well as Soi Bukhaow, there is one on Second Rd and another on Beach Rd.

    Regarding Soi Bukhaow, like Soi 7 and 8, you can get virtually everything you want, food, drink, 7-11 Mini-marts, Laundry, clothes and "Entertainment" without having to leave the street.

    As far as hotels go, I always look for the "5 C's" Cool, Cheap, Convenient, Clean and Comfortable. Most of your "companions" will be living in a single room shared with maybe two or three other girls without AC, so most hotels are a vast improvement on where they normally sleep, and there is no need to impress them with 5* hotels. The hotels that Kev is recommending are probably hard to beat for value.

  13. mike hunt

    very informative vid mate.Well done.I normally stay at nature view opp soi 15 soi Boukow.Many g/h now charge 7-800 and its a mountain hike up the stairs.Some g/h even charge 1000b Robbing bastards.

  14. michael barnes

    cracking video Kev ………. lads if you like fish and chips try the stall that sells them in the evening on LK Metro …… i think they taste great , eat em there or take away ….. perhaps Kev could do a review
     ? …..

  15. Bobby Crush

    All the Remain campaign people saying the referendum uncertainty will sink the pound. The pound is booming again.

  16. john smith

    Great Vlogs Kev! I have tried hotels as well as guest houses.
    There are pros & cons to both. I don't agree with people who
    say not to say anything about a place because it might make
    it harder for them to book a room so here goes –

    Miracle House on Soi Lengkee (near 3rd Road), Pattaya:
    A great clean guest house at a very low 700 Baht/day in Low Season!

  17. Nick Zaykov

    I've been in Sutus Court hotel, pretty cheap and nice friendly staff. Pool and jacuzzi available. The double room was around €15-18 per night when I was in January-March period.

  18. Amanda Trenepohl

    Thumbs up for this informative vlog.
    Glad you could solve your little problems with Sunny and Rob. He told me about it. That shows that you are a great person.
    Big kiss to you from Bulgaria.

  19. Goorney

    Another great video. I usually stay at the Sawasdee Siam on Soi Buakhao which is not particularly good. So next time I will try Opey De Place. It has a nice swimming pool away from the busy road, and the cost of a room sounds very reasonable. Cheers.

  20. Chris L

    Thank you for this info. I like the LK metro area, breakfast at Retox, the great bar at the intersection to watch the traffic madness, and LK metro fun bars
    I should try staying in this area!

  21. john daly

    Been staying in the Opey for the last 5 years!
    Nice hotel, great proximity to all the nightlife!

  22. milsdad

    theres a premier inn opened in soi 15 opposite nature view ,nature view is a decent hotel in a good position,1000 baht a night.turn left when you come out of lengkeejust up there next to the new hospital.keep up the good work kevin

  23. Alan Bodell

    Good stuff Kev, I stayed a few times at Pleasure Café (Lengkee) with Rory, Om and Boom 500 baht and just be careful going down those steps to Cosy Beach (best sands in Pattaya).

  24. Thailand Paradise

    Nice one Kev, I always love the strolls down the streets and up and around the surroundings. Cheers

  25. Scott Booth

    Another good video,I stayed at the LK President hotel (high rise hotel thats across from Soi Lengkeee on 3rd Road) was just over 1000thb a night last weekend,it was nice but checked out Opey De Place out while I was there and will be trying it out on my next trip.

  26. Andy W

    Kev, getting close to 4000 subscribers! In honor of 4000 subs, you should find that Sumo lady from your beach road video and have her walk on your back. Ha ha!

  27. Mark Gibbs

    Hi Kev.
    Your a legend you always give up so much good info. the hotel is in a fantastic place and i like the way you walk up from the hotel and tell up where to turn.
    Thank so much for everything the Australian dollar is not good.
    25.42 BARHT to the dollar hmmm not flash shit happens.
    Again thanks Kev.


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