This is an exellent documentary for these amazing reptiles!

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  1. Cynthia Lujan

    I loved this video, very thorough on the cycle of life. It's amazing how they take care of these iguanas at the hotel and factory. It makes me smile…. just beautiful.

  2. Th3Painki113r

    Sadly according to TripAdvisor Intercontinental Hotel was expropriated and they ruined it.

    I was already planning on visiting the hotel.

  3. Aradia X

    My baby iguana is an asshole, constantly trying to whip me with his tail but I still love him lol

  4. The Arbirter

    I 💘 my green iguana & I definitely visit these places in the near future

  5. vince33x

    Wonder if it's still a refuge since the MORON people of Venezuela have elected scum like Hugo Chavez, who proceeded to destroy the wealth of what was the richest nation in SA!

  6. shinrin777

    Goddamn it, they are hand feeding wild iguanas while mine won't do that at all! +facepalms+
    ~well he is a secretive guy~

  7. M. Evripidou

    I have an iguana at home and seeing how they are mistreated in the beginning breaks my heart

  8. daphnelu7

    Loved this documentary. I own an iguana myself and love my little dragon so much!

  9. Adolfo Houtmann

    Muchas gracias "Moicanos Mc" por haber colgado el documental "Hotel Iguana", y muchas gracias por sus opiniones.
    En la actualidad tenemos otras empresas con el "Proyecto Iguana" y seguimos adelante con este trabajo..

  10. Isaiah Dixon

    i own an iguana and this shows me how much danger he could have been in if we didn't adopt him


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