In 2008, two brothers, Lucas & Travis Boychuk, at the age of 19 & 21, moved to Nicaragua to build the world’s first action sports resort. Amidst every possible challenge brought to them including police corruption and almost being killed at gun point, the two brothers successfully completed and opened the first resort. The documentary follows them from day 1 until the opening day of the first resort, and now throughout 2016 & 2017 during the whole process of building the 2nd Surf Ranch resort which expands over 25 acres and will be one of Nicaragua’s largest resorts. &

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  1. Arturo Siew

    Wow, can I have your personal Email ? My friend from Peru and I would like to open up a Dive resort with restaurant serving international cuisines, spa, massage, paint ball course, prawn fishing and diving trips and courses.


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