In April of 1966 a film called “Manos: The Hands of Fate” was completed. By late April of that same year critics agreed unanimously that this was to be forever regarded as one of the worst films ever made. More than 30 years later a group of Canadian filmmakers interview Bernie, the last surviving crew member of Manos to answer one question: Why?

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  1. Montana Sizemore

    I don't know why honestly but this I like this movie maybe it's the way they shot it or whatever but….I like it

  2. Jeffrey Coogan

    I think it would be interesting to see a movie that dramatizes the making of "Manos: The Hands of Fate. They could cast Seth Rogen as Harold P. Warren. And Jim Parsons as Tom Neyman.

  3. Kent Manthie

    Of all the flicks MST3K has lampooned over the years, my 2 faves are: Manos: The Hands of Fate and Monster a Go-Go. Also: the thing about Manos is that the soundtrack is so completely different from any sort of "horror"-type movie; it's filled with a jazz soundtrack that ranges from sweet as molasses crooning by a Shirley Bassey sound-a-like (unless it was her?) to something that actually reminded me of the middle "jam" part in "Call Any Vegetable" by Zappa & The Mothers from their 2nd album, Absolutely Free: the fast-paced tempo, the soprano sax/oboe(?), etc. playing (to match the scene) in this frenetic, frantic sound.

  4. 525Lines

    One of those movies where all the audio was added later because sound equipment on set costs money.

  5. Cece L

    Ahh brings back fond MST3K memories….might have to watch that episode again

  6. Aris262

    so…according to IMDB…not sure how accurate this is…but there is a sequel coming out starting the majority of the surviving actors…

  7. MrKaywyn

    A great documentary. I highly recommend the excellent Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode.

  8. Dersu DeLarge

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a fascinating concept. I know there are some who hate that show. I believe Harry Knowles denounced it because he believed that no movie was worthless, which I guess means that he assumed that the folks behind MST3K thought that the movies they riffed on were.

    But even if MST3K really was as narrow-minded and dismissive of the movies they riffed on that that show's most ardent detractors assumed it was, it still found value in truly obscure films that wound up dumped in cinema's trash bin until MST3K picked them up and presented them to a new audience. Say what you will about MST3K, but so many movies wouldn't have an audience without it.

  9. John Buynone

    They played this turkey at the Glenwood drive in theater in Georgia back in the 60's.

  10. The Master

    I heard somewhere that Hotel Torgo was an experiment and it's goal was to build a crazy myth about a Z grade movie that the director's were obsessed with.
    They wanted to build a cult for Manos, and told the urban legends as if they were facts.
    Apparently, Entertainment Weekly even ran a story about Manos because of this documentary and they unknowingly used the fake facts.
    So it looks like it worked.

  11. mumbdaddy

    Nice to see the film brought some happiness to Bernie so many years later. RIP Bernie.

  12. Donald Thompson

    Hal or Harold P Warren was born on October 23, 1923 and passed away on December 26, 1985 at the age of 62, John Reynolds who played Torgo was born on September 15, 1941 and passed away on October 16, 1966 at the age of 25. Sadly he committed suicide one month before the release of the movie and never saw the movie. Bernie Rosenblum was born December 8, 1945 and sadly passed away in April of 2015 at the age of 69. Joyce Molleur who was the teenage girl in the car with Bernie passed away in 2005. Tom Neyman born November 23, 1935 is 80 and still going strong. Jackey Neyman Jones is born July 2, 1959 she is 56 and she is the daughter of Tom Neyman and played Debbie in the movie. Diane Mahree is still alive and well

  13. Tak Wolf

    Hard to believe this guy made it to 2015, he sounds like he is strangling.

  14. Vincent Macek

    I'm glad the…underwear issue was brought up, and that it looked stodgy fifty years ago.

  15. Necroglobule

    I think about John Reynolds and I think about how he might have loved Torgo's cult following in the decades after his death. I wonder if he would have committed suicide if he'd known that he would have fans and that he, a small time local actor who did this obscure b-movie pretty much no one saw, would be remembered by and loved.


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