After people ask me “where can I get cheap flights?” the second common question that comes up a lot is “where should I book a hotel?”

The answer is… you shouldn’t.

Thailand has so many hostels and hotels that you don’t need to book in advance.

Get an internet sim when you land at the airport and roam free from that point on.


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6 Responses

  1. Ben Person

    In the high season I budget around 1000 B. The good cheap ones are full for at least a week if you want to wait. Rule of thumb is, bring bed bug spray for those 4 to 6 B dumps.
    If you like the BTS crowded cattle train you can get a few deals out of the downtown area.

  2. Mike H

    Hi Brett, could you please explain how the thai sim works in regards to internet access, cost, data etc.

  3. Tilesh Patel

    Great video Brett – i take it you need to have your phone unlocked to put a Thai sim in ?


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