Video on how i go to Thailand cheap including the sites i search, how much flights are and hotels in Pattaya and Bangkok. This is a 360 video. Flight £365.00 …

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  1. Mark Thomas

    I'm a big fan of Thailand vlogs, I've just discovered your channel and I love your videos, keep up the good work bro.

  2. 19bootsy68

    My tips. If flying in business class to BKK start your journey from Amsterdam. if flying to America in all classes try from Dublin and get a cheap low cost flight over to Amsterdam or Dublin. I always book with ebookers as I'm a member with their loyalty scheme. I get cash back on flights and hotels…more with hotels and that's my 2nd tip join a travel firm loyalty scheme…it's even better if your mates want you to book their hotel rooms up as well which means even more cash back. I always tell my mates about the cash back when I book their rooms and they are cool with it.

  3. nelco69

    Ok! this was a better video, but the blurring is a pain, there has to be a way that you can fix this. other people have got this software so there must be other software out there that can sharpen up the picture. other than that A decent video. I am going to subscribe, I will watch more of your videos and comment on the contents


  4. Stephen Watson

    360 camera interesting , could be very useful when vloging soi 6 . The more in advance you can book your flight the better deal you can get . Via the Middle East the cheapest way but beware if you like a drink . Had a 6 hour lay over in Kuwait , dry airport .

  5. Bossix84

    First time I can play with 360 view. Nice future, what is the price of that camera of yours ?

  6. Robert Milligan

    Hi pal! Just subscribed to your vlog! How good was opey de place I'm booked in for November!

  7. Karen Mills

    when you give websites please be more articulate and slower. maybe show them. thanx. good video.

  8. Asif Goldmine

    mate use tripadviser flight searching option.. plenty of deals in the 300 range…

  9. kev 112225

    good video mate I have been following all of Kev's , for someone about to go out it would be nice to see how your daily spend adds up look forward to the rest of your trip

  10. just another face in the crowd

    Looking forward to this, I had the same idea about the 360 camera, but didn't follow it through.. Enjoy your trip 🙏

  11. Wil Strong

    Looking forward to your future videos. I'm sure you'll have a good trip I know I had a great two weeks in June


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