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You’ve spent all year saving up for your dream vacation. The last thing you want is to end up in a hotel room that ruins the whole trip.

Step 1:
Before you begin looking, decide what your dream hotel room would be. Do you want a great view in a high rise, or would you prefer the ground floor of a cozier establishment? Do you need room service? A pool? A location in the middle of a city, or near the airport? What is your price range?

Join the loyalty program of any hotel you are considering.

Step 2:
Check the web sites of hotels in the area for their advertised rates. Then go to travel web sites and check their hotel rates, which are often cheaper if you are booking a room well in advance. Typically, you should find rates that are at least 25 percent lower.

Step 3:
If you find a few hotels you like and they all seem similar, check travel web sites to read customer feedback. Still undecided? Choose the newest or most recently renovated hotel – just make sure any renovations have been completed before your trip.

Step 4:
Before you book online, call the hotel and speak to a reservations agent, who might be able to offer you an even better deal, especially if your dates are flexible.

If the hotel’s part of a chain, don’t bother with the toll-free number, which probably connects to a centralized call center rather than the particular location you’re interested in.

Step 5:
Ask the representative for a discount or an upgrade, mentioning clubs or organizations you belong to that might entitle you to discounted rates.

Step 6:
Consider the hotel’s amenities, and whether they might save you money. A rate that’s slightly higher than a competitor’s might be worth paying if the hotel includes an airport shuttle, wireless internet or a business center, or breakfast.

Step 7:
If you’re unsatisfied with the offered rate, use your previous research. If you found a cheaper rate online from a competing hotel, mention it and ask if they’ll match it.

Step 8:
Before you reserve, be clear on exactly how much the room will cost, including taxes and any other fees. Then, book away!

Did You Know?
The Hotel del Coronado, near San Diego, Calif., has hosted 10 U.S. presidents, beginning in 1891 with Benjamin Harrison.

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42 Responses

  1. Vincy Mais

    I've spent 2 nights at the hotel del coronado and it's in my state

  2. Jean Go-Oco

    I managed to book a 2 1/2-star hotel in Orlando for 8 nights next spring for only $309!!! I booked directly with the hotel by phone. Considering their website's rate is $79/night, the $309 total is pretty good. Do it that way instead.

  3. Fellzer

    I spot a hobo around sunset, then follow them to their shelter or bridge. Presto, free place to sleep.

  4. Adel Chesire

    i try to watch this video but i'm always distracted by the animation

  5. chibiyaten15

    lol 1:14 poster in background says rock and has a picture of a rock lol

  6. Cat K

    i agree with thommy.. i work the front desk as well. also, if you call make sure you are nice and you listen! you do those 2 things and you will be suprised how far it goes. also, dont demand things! it doesnt make anything go your way. just ask nicely

  7. ThommyQc

    I work in a Ramada at the front desk…!! The best option is always to call the hotel and reserve trough them!! Cause with the internet booking if ther's any mistake with the reservation; date, room type..etc the hotel is not responsible for that mistake and in most case, espacially in high season will not be able to correct the internet booking mistake. So my advise is book your room directly by calling at the hotel and you will get what you whant, and the best rate as well.!!!

  8. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    William Shatner should have guest hosted this one, if for nothing else than to spice up the unidentified random voices.

  9. Redactacor

    Anime? Geez everything that is made with a pencil is anime to you all eh? I'm an anime fan, and I find that idiotic if you thought of this as anime. As for the video, I'll use those tips to help me out whenever I do get a hotel.


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