How to Find a Budget Hotel in Las Vegas

In my internet research, I found a Days Inn hotel for under $30 and it included in-room wifi. That’s an amazing deal for hotels in Las Vegas near the Strip. Even better, the listing said the location of the hotel was behind the New York New York Casino, just two blocks away… But when I arrived at my hotel, I wasn’t quite ready for the initial shock I felt.

The hotel was more like a motel and two blocks away entailed a long hike over a freeway.

But if you watch my video above, you’ll also see how it wasn’t so bad and how finding a budget hotel in Las Vegas can occasionally rock. Yes, you can travel for cheap and find deals and discounts in Las Vegas.

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8 Responses

  1. Phil Hunter

    Hey +GRRRL TRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa , where did you go when you were in Las Vegas? I'm solo travelling there on 11th August. It will be my first time solo travelling so I'm excited. Did you meet people while you were over there? 🙂

  2. The Local Traveler

    Found your channel through the blogger match up group and I've been making my way through your videos, they are great!! Subscribed! Would love it if you checked out my channel, too!

  3. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    A good review give you recommendations and insight into an experience, not a price quote. That's your research.=) Deals go on all the time in Las Vegas varying on days and seasons and my comfortable price preference will be different from yours. I wouldn't book the cheapest but the most comfortable that my budget allows..

  4. Amalgamaite

    But you didn't tell us how the cheapest hotel room costs there? What good is a review if you don't give us the bottom line, ma'am???

  5. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    $10 isn't as bad as $25. I think $25 must be a standard for higher end resorts in many places. Hawaii would be one. btw- didn't know Hooters had their own hotel!

  6. MrJeffy45

    Circus Circus, Mgm and Hooters, all of them give free wi-fi in the resort fee!
    circus and hooters is a 10 dollar resort fee, mgm is like 25 which is kinda of a turn off!


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