How to get discount hotel room rates and free upgrades Hotel room rates go up and down according to …

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  3. Charlene Williams

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  5. Joe Johnson

    As much as I would like this to be true, that is an impossible standard guests put on hotels, or anything for that matter. There is ALWAYS going to be an item that is not perfect in someones eyes, but will be something everyone else looks over. You can't please everyone. The example of the towels was not that there was not any towels in the room, but that a single guest in one room only had 3 towels instead of 4. Missing towels entirely would be an issue that would require immediate attention.

  6. Joe Johnson

    Giving away free items means the Hotel Manager does not have the correct management skills to handle the guest. Unless the guest is specifically asking for comp rooms and is being a complete pain about it, then there is usually no reason to give away items. That's just bad business. I would rather fix the item rather than give away free stuff. It's like eating the whole steak dinner and complaining it was over cooked afterwards. Let the restaurant/hotel fix it before hand and stop being cheap. 

  7. The Reviewer

    Actually if you came late in the night and you want a bath and the room lacks of towels it can be very annoying, but it depends on the star level of the hotel, the time of the problem and how long it took to the hotel to right it (if it took to the hotel about one hour to bring you another towel, you can certainly complain and I will be surprise if you won't get anything). Don't forget also that five star hotels have to be nothing less than perfect, even on this small things.

  8. The Reviewer

    By the way I forgot to thank you for telling me to tell the hotel That I have a special date. Been at a five star hotel and I told them I have a birthday, and I got a very nice gift to my room (: .

  9. Howdini

    Also, if you inform management respectfully and professionally, that can make a big difference as well. 

  10. Howdini

    It is amazing that people will get bent out of shape for a minor thing like 1 missing towel. If it really bothers them then they should call the front and give the opportunity for them to make it right. If it does not ore they are not willing then I can see getting "respectfully" huffy.

  11. Howdini

    Don't think that most people know to contact hotels directly anymore. Thanks for that tip. :)

  12. The Reviewer

    Actually I am happy you spoke about the towels. It's very true that if there is a problem with the house keeping service (the room lacks of clean towels) than you might not get an upgrade. However no matter how minor the problem in your room is, always inform the hotel manager about it, and believe it or not on problems like this you can easily get complimentary breakfast or even a discount on the night (even if it's pre-paid like Price Line).
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  13. Joe Johnson

    If there is a legitimate problem like the AC doesnt work, then yes, let the hotel know and 9 times out of 10, we will upgrade unless we are full. But if that problem is that you only have 3 towels instead of 4, we will usually fix the problem before upgrading you. I have noticed a lot of hotels are not taking bull crap from the guests anymore and its about time 🙂
    On the flip side of that, hotels are now getting a lot of crap from aholes that don't get thier way due to sites like Trip Advisor

  14. Joe Johnson

    This was true 3-5 years ago. People need to realize that calling hotels directly now are the best way to go unless you are bundling your hotels, flights and cars in a package. However, hotels and rental agencies are more likely to work with you directly rather than paying the commissions to these Online Travel Agents or third party agencies.

  15. The Reviewer

    Also look for something not okay in your room you can't believe how easy is it and once you find it it'll get you some freebies,discount or upgrade.

  16. Bringda Ruckus

    So what weve learned from this video is to keep an eye out for "buy three nights get a fourth free" deals and to mention at the front desk youll take a free upgrade if they have one. Geez, thanks for the pearls of wisdom. 


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