If you are looking for the best hotel discounts at the cheapest rates visit http://www.hotelsetc.com. Hotels Etc. provides members with the lowest hotel discounts …

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24 Responses

  1. Adele Browning

    Good comparisons in your video. I am interested in what you could do for employees.

  2. BB Candy

    cheap hotels cheap cruises cheap cars cheap restaurants and everything I love Hotels Etc

  3. Betty B.

    Wish I would of seen this before I went on summer vacation could of saved a lot of money and found a cheap hotels

  4. B. Potner

    how do you guys do this, why cant we get these rates on the internet

  5. Brad Price

    I love all your videos, you guys do a great job showing the truth

  6. Well done

    Really shows some amazing hotel discounts and love how the video is created

  7. Tara L

    Cant believe the media is not picking you up to help people save money this holiday season. Thanks for the video

  8. Ayla Ashlyn

    Just tried the same property in the video to check for myself and they were right on and they kicked everyones butt

  9. Carol Mas

    wow, I did not believe it until I seen it, they really do have the cheapest hotels


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