Claridge’s, in the heart of London’s Mayfair, is a five star luxury hotel favoured by royalty and celebrities. For the first time in its long history, this famously discreet institution has opened its doors to documentary cameras. Director Jane Treays has spent a year behind the scenes, upstairs and downstairs, following staff and their guests, some of whom are prepared to pay the price of a small family car for one night’s stay.

Opened in 1854, Claridge’s is famed for its Art Deco interiors and traditional service. Many staff, such as Roman the doorman, have worked there for over 30 years, giving guests continuity and the sense they might be living in different century.

It is mid-summer madness at Claridge’s, and it appears the whole world is coming through its doors.Thirty delegations from around the world are arriving for the 2012 London Olympics.

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9 Responses

  1. szorohov85

    what is the food in the end? that had to be fresh? i didnt understood

  2. Marcus LeeP

    Very nice…Our PBS showed this hotel in two parts just a few months ago. It is a very very nice hotel there in London.

  3. Barbara Baldwin

    04mscentrum I WAS sad to see the eating of LIVE & egregiously expensive beings, being rather glorified. It made no sense. Claridges is BETTER than that.

  4. Bigwave2003

    Look at these ridiculous money-grubbing pricks falling all over themselves for dirty Saudi "royalty". Tell them to stay in their own damn country, stop funding terrorism, and share the oil wealth with the people of Arabia before they are overthrown.

  5. Barbara Baldwin

    STAYED HERE, SOME YEARS AGO. ALL THE CLARIDGES STAFF WERE VERY KIND AND DISCREET. I'D JUST LOST MY MOTHER. Family WENT TO SEE "OLIVER," LIVE: "CONSIDER YOURSELF, AT HOME!" WAS A SONG IN THE PLAY.Claridges was "Home," for 10 daysIt remains a poignant memory-loss, kindness and luxury.Blessings to Claridges, always.

  6. Kristina Day

    Thank you so much, I missed this first time round. Superbly done! 

  7. retailthread

    Thank you for the links. I loved this documentary but missed some parts of it so I appreciate the uploads.


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