Budget hotels aren’t always hotels from hell. In fact, I stayed at the Days Inn Wild Wild West Casino Hotel, actuallly a motel. Was it all that bad? Well, there were rough spots but overall, pretty darned good.

In my internet research, I found a Days Inn hotel for under $30 and it included in-room wifi. That’s an amazing deal for hotels in Las Vegas near the Strip. Even better, the listing said the location of the hotel was behind the New York New York Casino, just two blocks away…

But when I arrived at my hotel, I wasn’t quite ready for the initial shock I felt.

The hotel was more like a motel and two blocks away entailed a long hike over a freeway.

But if you watch my video above, you’ll also see how it wasn’t so bad and how budget hotels can occasionally rock.

Travel tips: Here’s some summary tips on How to book a great budget hotel in Las Vegas. If you found this helpful please hit ‘Like’


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35 Responses

  1. Levan Ivers

    Days inn is a motel everywhere. Why would it be different in Vegas. Days Inn sponsored you.ūüėí

  2. MrPookdogg27

    yep its cool. $10cab ride to the bellagio and it on and poppin. ūüėé

  3. Tabasco Kid

    Thank you ,I have not been in over ten tears and stayed there and it looks nicer than ever,mello vibe motel great for traveling.

  4. Chris Lee

    You saved little to nothing. The Luxor and other hotels you listed are also usually super cheap, as in 25-30 a night for a regular room. Hotel cost is very cheap in vegas, the most expensive places, standard rooms are say 150-200 a night. They do this purposely the real money made is in gambling and entertainment. How does anyone with an internet connection not know this? Smh. You maybe saved 15 bucks a night considering a resort fee to walk a mile to the strip in a seedy area …. not worth it.

  5. mikeandmars2345

    U are the first person I subscribe to on YouTube in a while and I only look at this.One video lol I am a TRUCK DRIVER when I seen the wild wild west hotel I had to.look at the video because the TRUCK stop is right next to it and when I seen the Jack in box across the street I was laugh and when I seen that Denny to I see them a lot but I will say this the hotel lol way better then I thought lol

  6. regina gomez

    Do you have to ask them for the free stuff they have to offer or do they just give it to you when you check in?

  7. Daniel

    I bet you for the cost  of your motel you could have gotten a real nice hotel

  8. MsCerise007

    Why soo bumbed? At least it's not a homeless shelter. I would rather stay someplace dirt cheap & have more money for gambling , shopping & rides.

  9. Dante Decosta

    staying in a motel vs. a hotel shouldn't be a shocker to you.  How can you consider yourself a resourceful guide if that shocks you.  Disappointing.

  10. Kathleen Howard

    Wow, I would have never thought to try Days Inn however since we have gotten a rental car 2 of the 4 trips to vegas, makes sense to stay off the strip.  The strip hotels have FREE parking garages so parking and walking is the way to go!  The last trip we discovered cheap eats few blocks off the strip as well.  TFS

  11. Ed Agent

    Ha! Things aren't always what they seem in budget vs. expensive. Glad things worked out.

  12. MarysHusband

    Sorry GRRRL…..watched it again and you did show us the bathroom….great job!

  13. MarysHusband

    This is the type of video I was hoping to find…..we'll be checking in very late on a Saturday¬†and leaving early on Sunday.¬† For about a seven hour stay, we could not pass up the $22.00 rate.¬† At least I couldn't… wife doesn't know about it yet.¬† Our "amenity fee" is $5.99.¬† Thanks¬†for showing us how the free breakfast and free coffee¬†works.¬† The rooms don't look¬†that bad.¬† I liked your creativity.¬† If you do more of these in Vegas, please show us the bathrooms too and a little more of the casino.¬† Happy holidays.¬† ¬†

  14. Victor Wadsworth

    I like her attitude, she doesn't drink coffee but she realizes others might. Too many people suggest things from what they like and ignore what others might like.

  15. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    @MrJeffy45 : $6 resort fee and it included the pool, cable and free in-room wifi. Not bad. =) But I hear you. A lot of places are starting to charge resort fees. I think it's some type of regulation in some states? Hawaii does that also ($25/day).

  16. MrJeffy45

    Was there a resort fee??? That's the thing I hate about vegas!
    Also did you get free internet or did you have to pay for it?

  17. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    I saw an ad for a hostel room w/ a dorm and was going to click until I saw how I could have my own room for near the same rate. The hostel didn't look so hot, so yeah, I lucked out with this one! Thanks.=-)

    Hope you have better hotel experiences in the future. There's nothing more unsettling and bitter than feeling scammed on your trip. I would've had my credit card co stop payment or retract.

    After hitting bottom, one could only go up right? Fingers crossed. Blowing you good luck.

  18. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    Wow, I wasn't aware that you and @pausethemoment were having such an intense semiotic tennis match going. I don't think I got these messages in my inbox at all.

    Because you were angry (but rightly so b/c you felt ripped off), your use of the word could be seen as derogatory. Afterall, sexuality shouldn't be an issue- the guy was just a sheister. But I understood your feelings of wanting to lash out & you understood how others can feel touchy about that, etc.. moving forward…

  19. Pause The Moment

    Yes, I went on all of them except the one that spins you in circles. I hate spinning rides! I just don't get the point of spinny rides… yuck.

  20. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    Thanks for the feedback @pausethemoment ! I appreciate it. =) Yeah, for some reason this video uploaded a little out of sync also. Wish I caught that earlier.

  21. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    I second @pausethemoment's idea of giving them another call. Wouldn't let up until the situation is corrected. Good luck with that @Mr83carp.

  22. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    I'll have to try that Boracay vacation & that airlines you fly!

  23. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    That's interesting to hear about the Imperial Palace and their $25/night deal. I think I heard they had good deals but I heard that a bit late.

    When I did my search, I think I pulled up one hostel but I can't remember the name. The ratings weren't so great and the upgrade to having my own room drew me in.

  24. Pause The Moment

    Oh, interesting. I usually stay at the Stratosphere when I'm in Vegas. The funny thing is I can usually get a beautiful room there for around $30-something/night.

    Despite your issues with Sin City Hostel, you should really think before you use derogatory words like that. I'm not saying you shouldn't be upset, you should! Especially if you were taken advantage of when it came the hostel failing to refund you your money.

    Hope your issue gets worked out. I recommend giving them another call.

  25. Pause The Moment

    How was your stay at Sin City Hostel? I'm curious. Was it clean? Centrally located? P.S. – I'm confused to why you had to mention that it was run by "homosexuals". LOL. Is there any reasoning behind that?

  26. Pause The Moment

    Cool videos Christine. Just checked out a few of them. Only thing I'll say is that you should be careful with the jump cuts. It seems you're cutting a split second too early and in turn not finishing the last words of some of your sentences. Other than that, keep up the good work!

  27. Steve Miller

    Free COFFEE???? Sold! Actually, that's why we stay at one of the resorts we frequent in Boracay!


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