The real tips , tricks and potential scams you need to know about before booking your trip to Las Vegas. Get cheap flights, cheap food, cheap beverages AND …

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  1. May Shamriz

    If i will give more than 20$ for that room upgrade "trick" would it had better chance to work?…….or 20$ will do the job?

  2. alextb10

    why would you pay for drinks of you can get a free at the casino? just pay a little tip once in a while and they keep coming back

  3. alextb10

    the first tip only applies if you actually live in Vancouver which is in the west coast and somewhat close to las vegas but if you live in the east coast let's say in toronto and attempt to fly out from Buffalo it will cost you more money plus you have to pay for parking at the airport as well.

  4. kanchanaram1

    Hey… Thank you so much for the tips. Me n my husband are travelling to Vegas during Thank giving. I am looking forward for this trip.

  5. nicola marshall

    hey, we're heading to las vegas from england for our honeymoon next july (2017) any tips on how to get any perks to make it extra special, we are going to bring our proof of marriage with us – just incase its needed,
    thanks Nicola x

  6. Andrew Jeter

    Thank you Missy. Valuable advice here. I would love to grab a drink with you on the Strip!

  7. Quashaun Nious

    Thanks missy Chrissy this info was very helpful I plan on going there next spring break coming up.

  8. ricky a. T

    nov 1 '16: goodday Chrissy, would you recomend staying at a resort/hotel at freemont street experience? noticed a couple of real nice hotels only a few minutes from there. if we stayed around freemont street,is it possible to take a taxi to get to the strip and walk around there? are they expensive? thx,rick & Lydia(quebec canada)

  9. Lily Tan

    Thank you!!! this is my first time going to Vegas alone this December on my birthday… I am excited and thank you for the tips! Post some more if you can… thank you again :)

  10. BN R

    Hi, thanks for some good information. Regarding taxi, is Uber service available ? At airport, city etc.

  11. HarrLable

    If you're not in vegas for the food scene, Vdara is a good hotel with kitchen/fridge for your food. Also, if taxi line is outrageous, use Uber. I'm usually picked up and on my way while the taxi line hasn't moved an inch.

  12. KryptonicMatter

    I feel so lucky because Im moving to Idaho which is actually very close so I'll be visiting like 4 times a month 😀

  13. luizfranca1973

    Thanks about the tips. About Taxi. Whats is the App taxi of Las Vegas? Is It work well? Is uber and Lyft a good choice?

  14. garand bohn

    lol i didnt watch all the way to see you do know my vegas also e rewards do surveys to earn flight flyer miels i fly often also to las vegas and get free flights to las vegas you are awesome and informed

  15. garand bohn

    Hi Chrissy I have gone to Las vegas 40 plus times in 11 years we live 7 hour drive fro there my suggestion is to get facebook and download my vegas I dont pay for any hotel rooms and I get free buffets stayed at Beagio and get to play at machines for free $50 slot play at every casino because of My Vegas I have seen Terry fator Cher all for free and in the second row they treat you like royalty when you redeem my vegas things


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