Mega Disasters – Hotel Collapse Singapore

Seconds from Disaster is an American documentary television series that first began broadcasting in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel. The program investigates historically relevant man-made and natural disasters. Each episode aims to explain a single incident[1] by analyzing the causes and circumstances that ultimately affected the disaster. The series uses re-enactments, interviews, testimonies, and CGI to analyze the sequence of events second-by-second for the audience.

Seconds from Disaster was broadcast on the National Geographic Channel and originally consisted of 45 episodes over three seasons. Following its original conclusion in 2007, the series was put in hiatus and was replaced with Critical Situation. In 2011, National Geographic revived the series, announcing it would air a new season from September 5, 2011. It began with an episode about the September 11 attacks.

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  1. david yen

    Why even contemplate? You know with them Asians. They cut back build as cheap as possible including hiring drafts men.

  2. Cassidy Mirah

    I read about this in a comprehension passage. Then I watched this video. It doesn't even seem like the same event.

  3. pacetti07

    What's really frightening is that many students, both high school & college, think math isn't important.

  4. Venice Mackay

    would they have got in trouble for leaving the building when they saw the cracks

  5. Yosef MacGruber

    4 minutes warning? Really? If in doubt, if the building is shaking, get out. Figure it out later. You can go back in later, if things have settled down.

  6. TommyTheNightmareSmith

    ffs that night club women face will hunt us to death, is it really necesary to show her no emotions, iron face 20 times in video !!!!!


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