These are the eleven most expensive hotels in the world. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 …

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  1. Love Givens

    This is fucking retarded . I wouldn't dare. You can only sit and lay on the shit . Its not like you'll transform into a Super Soldier whilst staying there. I can buy the decorative and put it in my home to have for years to come oppose to one fucking night. I feel violated. lol Slams phone down to go pee pee on my lil 100 dollar pity potty.

  2. bun bun

    i pick harvard after i get my degree and a good job i will make a lot of money and then I can go to all the hotels :D

  3. Apple

    So if i became a maid there, I would pretty much being experiencing what they pay the big bucks for.

  4. cutiecake

    I went to the Switzerland hotel for 1 weak and I loved it has anyone else gone there

  5. CatalinaThePirate

    Oh yeah, go to a fascinating foreign city and spend all your time in your hotel room using all those things you paid so much for! Geez, one hundred books? Can you read them all in one night? What about that wine cellar? People who have that kind of money probably can put that kind of thing in their own home. Chances are these hotels comped those rooms just to say "Queen Elizabeth II stayed here!" smh

  6. Golden girl

    Of course, Geneva is the most expensive. You can't even go out for dinner without saving up a years pay here…

  7. TakeAction

    Spent $20,000 on a room for one night??? While children's go hungry around the country??? Only insane people spend money just to sit, lay around, take a shower or bath, and go to sleep. People are strange.

  8. Graham Stobbs

    Beautiful Parts of the World Fantastic Hotels can't even afford any of those Places??


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