Butter Movement VLOG 25 : Been seeing a lot of channels posting the rarest or the most expensive shit and I just figured why not try and find the best priced …

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  1. joshua rabacio

    I think no one uses the pool in Philippine hotels because c'mon – you're in the Philippines! Spend your night at hotel then run to the BEACH! Hahaha. Great video!

  2. Bikash sherpa

    Big improvements on the vlog
    Except for the missing audios
    Thought my laptop had problems

  3. Joe Pena

    For a fukking $105/night, you got a great fukking deal!! Will have to check it out next year when I'm in Manila!

  4. Andrew Dolci

    I have no idea how you refrained from saying "schwing" when that woman passed you at 10:30. Like, god damn man, she was stunning

  5. Lance Padilla

    Im still amazed that your here in the Philippines! Youre always welcome here 🙌

  6. mud pigg

    mr butter on your last vlog i would like to thank you for choosing our home country to live in and spreading the butter movement!

  7. Aman Nagra

    Philippines looks so beautiful, the weather is definitely better there than the 24/7 Vancouver rain lol


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