Dubai,How did extremely hot Desert turned in most luxurious city of the world.

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  1. Tyler Vokoun

    This city is very impressive and the people who built it should be proud. Yes I know Dubai has its very very dark side and I wouldn't recommend traveling there if you are western but on a pure architectural level, it's very cool.

  2. kenny kivrak

    they pay slave laborer.10 years ago 80 dollars.maybe now 200 a month.they are not human.

  3. Tony Gould

    Dubai, if that is luxurious you can keep it. Most of the cities in saudi arabia In my opinion are an eye sore, about the only thing they do for me is scream look how much money we have got. Like every thing people build, some will love it, others will not, for those who do great, I for one would never consider living in these over the top cities.

  4. Rabi Anjum

    I'm a muslim. Its not the hate for dubai or jealousy by people but these things are a fact that dubai got high buildings but sold their souls away. Bitches are even so-called muslims who didn't take muslim refugees even. And Allah does not like such people who only have their own bloody stomach full and their brothers dying. No matter how great dubai is but we all know from history, every greatness had a fall. Lets see when it is time for dubai. And I wont feel bad at all to see their downfall as they have totally forgotten their values and need to be taught a lesson.

  5. Bashir abdi dahir

    there's lots of river's and sea in Somalia we can make Somalia much better and that's what newly elected president wants

  6. Kghjhtjn Yrthij

    at least they Know how to use the money. not like most gouvernement in the world

  7. sangti imchen

    lots of pretty insane comments that reeks of jealousy… Wtf would you want them do with their oil wealth? dump it into the sea?. jackasses.

  8. alex gaming 345

    One day will come, such an earthquake will disappear from dubai

  9. Gaming With Las

    When you your government is scandal AF, you start talking crap about UAE's government…

  10. Samir Yahiaoui

    The sheiks of the UAE fought tooth and nail to destabilize Arab spring countries. They spent billions to finance the coup in Egypt and the war in Yemen. It is of course easier to squander that much money when you are stealing it from wages of poor south Asian workers.

  11. maysam ebrahimi

    Arabian Gulf?
    There is no Gulf with this name on any map
    Come on guys!…. all through history it has been Persian Gulf
    Persian Gulf

  12. shahid sulaiman

    Even The Oil Finish But They Still Will Be Forever Rich Because They Have Business And They Invest

  13. Rashid Khan

    Mein Jab be Dubai Jata Hon Mujay Har onchi Building ke Khubsurti Mein Apny Pakistani Bahiyon ke Jawaniyan Gum Nazar Aati Han

  14. PUREtrollin

    City looks amazing but probably only suits the rich elite people on earth.

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