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I am an expat living in Pattaya Thailand, I am showing you the area not just the Bars and clubs but everything that Pattaya has to offer you whether on Holiday or an Expat living here ! Today i will show you some cheap rate guest houses with pool and gym access to a large hotel !

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Filmed Using
Canon G7X

Edited Usig
Wondershare Filmora

24 Responses

  1. alpha621

    If you want access to a Gym, R-con on Soi Bukkaow gives you free access to Tonys gym opposite th efood market also this hotel/residence has no swimming pool however you have free access to the sister hotel hotel opposite which is R-con Siam. The R-con, nor the Siam which is more expensive, rates for monthly low season is around 8/9k Baht rising to 13k Baht during high season this was accurate as from September 2016.

  2. raffaele paone

    Hey Kev, nice vids.
    Tell do you know if they are guest friendly?
    Cheers from vancouver Canada

  3. George Collie

    Great vblog Kev. Lots of information to stay on my next trip next year…..

  4. cloudtoground

    looks like they should barricade that unfished area before someone walks into the pool with no water in it

  5. Phil Cox

    Excellent vlog again kev lots of great info keep up the good work really enjoy watching

  6. thai mikl

    I needed a time to subscribe, but now I´ve to shout out thumbs up for your vids. keep on the good work, thank you:-)

  7. Del *

    This is well handy Kev, my nephew's coming on Monday with one of his mates and I was gonna go looking for a place for them, you've saved me a job!

  8. Don Oz

    Thanks for info. Will be checking the area out when i arrive November 🙂

  9. MrJames85

    Great Vlog again mate, looking at the access inn for December for 2/3 nights. Do they allow guest in there at night??

  10. john daly

    Nice Vlog, Very Informative
    Stayed On Soi Lengkee Many Times
    Never Spotted This Before

  11. Rob Aitken

    Thanks Kev, I live in Chiang mai, and will take my first trip to Pattaya soon, great info, I know CM quite well, but needed info on other places, within Thailand, cheers mate

  12. Alun Jones - AJ

    Hi Kev, I take it that’s ฿800 baht per room per night, not per person per night, so a couple would pay the same as a single occupant ?

  13. Phil Tenerife

    Another great informative video Kev , in Pattaya on Tuesday 20/09 , Staying at the Opey de Place [ your video recommendation ] .

    I will buy you a drink if i bump into you ,

    Cheers Phil


    Hi KevI will be having a look at those places next time.I was there last week and spent sunday in fabrices the scrapyard and the aqua before I flew home.I only went for four days.I have booked fabrices on jan 20 so hopefully can catch up with you then.Keep the vlogs coming and see you soonDave


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