I like the Lower East Side, but finding an affordable budget hotel in downtown Manhattan can be tricky. Using Travelocity and Priceline, I discovered the Mayor Hotel (now called Mimosa Hotel) located at 79 Division Street.

Within F train walking distance, the Mayor Hotel’s location couldn’t be beat. Overall, reviews were decent. A few people complained about “tiny rooms” but they obviously had no experience with Manhattan hotels.

Strolling up to the front door of the Mayor Hotel, I was happy to see surrounding amenities such as a tea bar, fruit stand, convenience store, and a few restaurants.

The Mayor Hotel’s 79 Division Street location is one of Manhattan’s best. To exercise and save money, I like to walk around Manhattan. I walked Downtown to the Freedom Tower and Brooklyn Bridge, Uptown to Union Square, and all around the Lower East Side neighborhood.

Upon check in, the front desk staff of the Mayor Hotel was friendly and helpful (see their welcome in the video). I enjoyed the Mayor Hotel’s unique décor, including fancy wallpaper and a contemporary design.

Besides a competitive rate, the Mayor Hotel offered free internet, a large bed, and flat screen television with lots of channels. The rooms were clean and comfortable, with a great shower.

Some guests may be deterred by the Mayor Hotel’s location near the Manhattan Bridge. For me, it wasn’t a big deal. Extra insulation makes the Mayor Hotel a quiet sanctuary in the midst of a bustling neighborhood.

After check in, the front desk staff informed me that The Mayor Hotel recently changed ownership. The new owners plan a substantial renovation of the property, which will be rebranded as “Mimosa Hotel”.

I look forward to future stays at the Mimosa Hotel and wish the new owners good luck.

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  1. Nicole Novo

    Very discreet and hidden entrance! The lobby was lovely and small! The room decor was pretty it seemed clean! Thumbs up! Hope you had a nice time! 🙂


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