Join Rick as he weaves Andalucía’s rich mix of culture, cuisine, history, and natural wonders into a 60-minute special. The hour includes the major cities of Sevilla, Córdoba, and Granada; flamenco, sherry, and horses; dramatic white-washed hill towns; and fun in the Costa del Sol sun — plus a dash of Britain in Gibraltar.

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  1. Buenos días Hola buenos

    Que pena dan los que se quieren sentir europeos menospreciando Andalucía. Andalucía es una joya de Europa y Europa es variada en cultura e historia. Los Españoles son distintos a los europeos igual que los europeos son distintos entre sí. Los Españoles del norte no son distintos a los del sur. La muestra es la forma de divertirse. Si vas a Pamplona ves que el norte es diferente a Europa. Lo que ves allí es mucha gente en la calle mucho alcohol y toros, y el carácter de la gente es distinto al de otras partes de Europa.

  2. julie moffat

    Would like to visit Gibraltar but it is so expensive for flights and accommodation

  3. julie moffat

    I love Spain great country. Everyone is so friendly and the speak very good English. Would love to visit Gibraltar and Valencia

  4. Lawrance Ovarabia

    Yeah, a rich mixture of Culture: Killing a bull with a mixture of cruelty and torture first! OLEY!!!

  5. Michael Adesanya

    without us lol…I just wonder what spain will be like today LOL

  6. Spain on a Fork

    this was a great video, Andalucia is a must see, the happiest people in Spain!!

  7. popogast

    Rick Steves Europe I really enjoyed Your videos about Spain. They reminded me of some of my best holidays.

  8. Manu Sev

    Lo mejor del mundo ANDALUCIA.. q suerte haber nacido en esta tierra!

  9. Doodle Moodle

    Thanks Rick for allowing your episodes to be on here. I love seeing all the places I would like to visit one day.

  10. mazen khan

    Why do many documentary series always say reconquering or taking Spain back from the Muslims when describing Iberia's history. The vast majority of Muslims were indigenous Iberians while those that conquered came from the Iberian north and medieval France so in many ways they were the foreign invaders. I mean no offence but this is my interpretation of Iberian history.

  11. Μαρία Βερμίσογλου

    I have just started watching your videos and they are so interesting!! I have a question:the ceiling of Alhambra is made by which material?

  12. الجزائري العربي

    Love andalusia 😍😍😍
    Andalus =Andalusia =الأندلس

  13. latifa mifdal

    What an awesome video, very educative, such an elegant language that respected every religion and even minorities. Thank you

  14. Sheikh Ahmed

    Such a beautiful country. My favorite country in western Europe. I loved it.

  15. Muhammad Andri Alfian

    Really want to go there someday, to learn islamic history.. so amazing..

  16. J Aranda

    I love spain. I'm mexican but I think I have lots of Spanish ancestry. need dna test lol.

  17. Paul Volckeryck

    alcaucin las huertas spanje review behoor deling andalouzea.spanje

  18. babscabs1987

    What this man told you about Malaga is wrong. Quaint fishing village? It's a provincial capital and the 6th biggest city in Spain. There certainly isn't a lack of culture in the old town, what with all the small tapas bars, Malaga wine? Picasso was born there. There's an ancient Roman theatre, a reconquista cathedral and a Moorish fort on the hill.

    Don't listen to this man, go to Malaga.

  19. Alberto González Pueri



  20. Alberto González Pueri

    No es casualidad que los términos con los que más se relaciona a los ANDALUCES sea con "vagos", "paletos", "gitanos" y "falsos". Es puro consenso social. Pese a que algunos hayan comenzado una campaña por Internet para cambiar el sino miserable que les precede, colgándose calificativos como "trabajadores", "creativos", "artistas" y "fuertes". Ninguno de los cuales les define colectívamente, y sí, los de "VAGOS", "PALETOS", GITANOS" y "FALSOS". Los tópicos suelen estar basados en hechos empíricos, que durante décadas, se han consolidado entre los distintos pueblos por su convivencia el uno con el otro. Representando así unas características realistas y negativas,y de cierto modo son las que conforman a una mayoría de habitantes de un determinado pueblo, en este caso, el andaluz.

  21. Clement Ng

    Romania, bulgaria, albania? Cambodia, burma, thailand, Laos, vietnam, japan, korea? South africa? Also which videos show zaragoza, malaga, alicante, valencia?

  22. Josete73Lima

    Made by anglosaxons for anglosaxons … filled with stereotypes … Americans and brits are the most ignorant and intolerant people ever !!! And yes we kill animals, and we eat childs with a cup of red wine … Delicious !!!


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