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  1. Munib Hasic

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  2. ku bu

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  3. shekhakot

    Hi, have you tried "TravElsewhere" (do a Google search for it)? I have discovered numerous ridiculously cheap hotels as well as plane tickets. This may allow you to save money on your future trip as well.

  4. Fred Tittle

    FoodLand is back open and the redid Took Lee Dee a favorite of long time expats for good food a great prices open 24/7

  5. Fred Tittle

    it did Close Jim is said to hang out around the Raj Hotel and across the street. Myself I have not seem him in a few years.

  6. Fred Tittle

    Thai house unfortunately closed last year. i would recommend that you check out the Happy in on Soi four/nANA about 1 block from Nana hotel. The rooms are 650 baht clean hot water and air con. Rooms are on the small side but half the price of the Nana or the Dynasty which now go for 1440 baht or the better part of $50usd

  7. travman387

    dogs, just want to know if this place is clean,SAFE,and got air condition and how much per night for a couple. please let me know.
    thanks in advance.

  8. ryan0ohast

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  9. Fred Tittle

    He got a divorce from Tor and I understand that he hangs out in the area over by the Raj hotel . Thaihouse is closed I stay at Happy inn now for a cheap room in Nana area.

  10. Davman

    What happend to the English bloke that used to own it? someone I know says its closed down.

  11. Leeuwy

    @ChuckMiser Now this was the information I was looking for. Because it's also located very close to Nana plaza and Soi Cowboy and man are weak …

  12. starlight2305

    Hello there im planning a trip to thailand in a month time- wondering when you say cheap, how much is it? thank you


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