I recently stayed at the Phranakorn Nornlen Hotel in Bangkok. It is Vegan-friendly and a budget boutique retro hotel that blew me away! Amazing unique experience. A must-see for anyone visiting Bangkok. Their website is here: http://www.phranakorn-nornlen.com/index.html
MAP: http://www.phranakorn-nornlen.com/map.html
ROOMS: http://www.phranakorn-nornlen.com/room_rate.html

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42 Responses

  1. Daniella Victoria

    Awesome hotel!! I wouldn't mind having that guy come paint my house.

  2. Cassie Reff

    This is absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing Freelee! 🍉🍓🍇😜

  3. Sweet Natural Living

    Thewet market is actually pretty good! There's some good durian stalls there during the season!

  4. Yulisa Perez


  5. Flora

    i love you Freelee, and Thailand is one of my favourite places on Earth, I hope to bump into you there someday 🙂 This is an amazing hotel, however my understanding of "budget" is a bit different hehe. To me budget is about 5-10 dollars a night


    Thank you so much. I'm in Bangkok. I will try staying at this place.

  7. Ángela Graña

    Freele, please, I came across a book called "Grain Brain" and it is ridiculous! The author says cut on carbs eliminate grains they hurt your brain! Please could you do a bit of research and do a video on it? so people can learn how CRAZY it is! he has plenty of videos on youtube by his name David Perlmutter. He even stated that eggs are wonderful lol

  8. Mia Tovernic

    Hey Freelee and all of you rawtill4-ers out there 🙂 I really need advice from you because I am freaking out.. I know that you said to ditch the scale and numbers and focus on healing but few minutes ago I stepped on it at I was just..I was shocked, sad, afraid and angry. I actually started to cry. The reason being is that I´ve put on weight. I am used to being small, or should I say, was used to. I am 17 years old, I am 154 cm tall (I know, short AF) and I was at 45 kg at the time when I started rawtill4, and that was 3 months ago. I do have to mention that I have a history of undereating and such. I would eat no more than 400 kcal, I was afraid to drink too much water after my training (which is 2 hour long taekwondo training), basically I was a stupid anorexic vegetarian for a little over a year..And, as I said, today I stepped on a scale after big meal with clothes on, just to peek. And I am 55 kg. WHAT THE HELL!!! 10 KILOS?? IN 3 MONTHS?? And I can feel the willpower to starve creeping in my mind, ready to destroy me beacuse of guilt. I don´t want to go back there.Why do I even have this feeling? Please, someone. I need advices from people who have been though this. Thank you! And.. VEGANS RULE! ^_^ <3 <3

  9. toxictaya

    woooah it looks amazing
    ill be there soon.. i think i would love to stay forever 🙂

  10. IssacBenAvram

    Yes. Please provide more hotel reviews and backpackers places in Australia. Namaste.

  11. bayouranch

    I love thailand , you should do more reviews like this one, thanks

  12. AspiringVegan

    wow!!! it's beautiful! thanks so much for sharing maybe I'll even get the cash saved up to go to Bangkok one day

  13. Natchaya Sridee

    Hiiii I'm from Bangkok. I'm glad you love it here. I have no idea there is such an amazing place. I'm gonna go check that out soon. Love this video. Thank you so much!!! 😍

  14. withthemuses

    yes, i'm gonna go into that hotel if i'll ever go and find it😄 Looks sooooo fucking amazing!!!! I just love it, so my style and the art, wow, so much work, sooo unique<3

  15. withthemuses

    yes, i'm gonna go into that hotel if i'll ever go and find it😄 Looks sooooo fucking amazing!!!! I just love it, so my style and the art, wow, so much work, sooo unique<3

  16. K Thita

    Wow make me miss home :'( and freelee traffic in thailand is crazy!! An to be able to ride your bike there wowww youre a pro 🙂

  17. Brina nats

    omg its absolutely gorgeouss such a nice place ! i just wanna hop on a plane and go over there now! the grilled banana looks delicious 🙂

  18. Sophie S.

    Wow how cosy, and cool!! Next time I am in Bangkok I am definitely checking this place out! Thank you Freelee!! 🙂

  19. Carbundance ~ Carbs & Life in Abundance

    this is a paradise!!!!!! thanks for showing us freelee gonna book in there next time for sure! diamond time 🙂

  20. Sb Caffrey

    Hi, I want to be vegan but I'm allergic to Nuts, gluten, milk, eggs(even those would go away) soy and tomatoes. What do I do HElP also I love animals that's why

  21. Margaret Charlton

    Love the bikes on the wall. the whole place seems charming and super clean.

  22. julianna brunn

    Plse Plse talk to my friend Harley Silverman I love her so much and she won't eat anymore Plse help her

  23. Sylvie

    hi freelee. today i started my transition to vegan lifestyle after spending days watching your videos and i am excited for this change. thank you! 🙂

  24. Shaney Rose

    Freelee… I love your YouTube! You have really opened my mind and changed my life. Going vegan was the best decision I've ever made. I'm really wanting to start a channel of my own to inspire people and spread the message. I'm just having trouble getting started….what kind of camera do you use and what do you use to edit your videos?


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