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35 Responses

  1. cosmic light

    white devils are even wicked to their own smdh…i can just imagine how many of those little kids were molested raped and murdered in those hell houses …all at the hands of sick white men…RICH WHITE MEN ARE THE DEMONS OF OUR PLANET AND SO ARE THE CAVE BITCHES THAT GIVE BIRTH TO THEM…THANK THE UNIVERSE THEY ARE ALL GOING EXTINCT

  2. Petunia Peers

    The richest nation it was, and what poverty it had. Sad, terribly sad. My hat off to Charlie Chaplin, who did not let his miserable past, from stopping him in bringing laughter to so many till this day.

  3. jinny82

    In Italy we'll have the opposite: from success of the 1800 to workhouses (naaaaah, they'll never build them, too much money took from socer!) in the next 15 years … My generetion will never be able to retire, we'll die of aging waaaay before (and anyway, we'll never be able to get more than 4 months of work at time), and the ones who are younger than us probably will have to pay if they want to work, so they'll end up on streets

  4. Haley Sabai

    Industrial Slavery for the Great-Unwashed…..today,it;s permanent Debt-Slavery.

  5. Alexander Pataki

    The Hogarthian gin-besotted lower classes, fit only for the hulks or transport.

  6. David Gibbard

    Below you will read the rants of the pathetic America haters. They live here, benefit and enjoy their freedom others payed dearly for, and then set back in their pampered existence, and spew their ungrateful ignorance ad nauseum. God help our beloved country.

  7. The Naked Brain

    the essence and basis of this is view STILL found in the United States of America a nation based on the protestant view of life as explained by Weber.

  8. chicky1785

    In that time it was slaves they wanted . And what better way to get them, At the same time run like a cult type prison

  9. E Mack

    I learned a lot from this as it revealed a side of Victorian life not talked about very much.

  10. Joseph Mountford

    Chaplin became one of the richest men in the world in 1915… But he never forgot his mother… He rescued her from the asylum in 1921?

  11. elandeenable

    What stupid director thinks it is a good idea to have men sparring the background when describing poor children's emprisonment????


    There it is: that's the historical precedent of the Nazi concentration camps.

  13. pictyboy

    before 1707 there was england and scotland after 1707 the island was called britain. no more alternative facts. it's offensive.

  14. David Gibbard

    And now England pays for past sins by giving their country over to socialism and now Muslim invaders. Karma

  15. V. Hansen

    workhouses were bad but before that there was no where for the destitute to go.

  16. dexterdamonkey

    And Brian Cox isn't entirely wrong when he says "it's in the DNA". Stress in the mother affects the stress levels in the baby, and that goes on for generations. Also people grow up with this constant worry, it affects their parenting, it affect the priorities growing up. And when the situation doesn't change for generations, the workhouses existing well after world war 2, it becomes a transgenerational fear.
    This fear of poverty will last long after you die, even if the environment changes and the desperation disappears.
    DNA is amazing Linke that; it won't register things like 'talent' but it will register things like 'possible famine'.

    ((Edit: declared insane and sent to an asylum. Good god, those places were worse, which is hard to imagine. Victorians were horrible, and the Church is worse for endorsing all of this))

  17. Kneenibble

    Who narrates this one? The voice is so familiar and the name is on the tip of my tongue.

  18. J Malluf

    The narrator reminds me so much of Carson from Downton Abbey-elegant voice!!!!unfortunately sad but true subject.

  19. Roy Sage

    In one of my grandfathers day he was a union man through and through. He was a metal worker. He did many jobs like panel beater for cars whereas nowadays they just replace whole panels. During WW2 he made artificial limbs out of sheets of aluminium. The top had to be curved over without splitting the aluminium. As a union man if he lost his job the union would find another job in his field.
    My other grandfather was a bus driver for London Transport in the days before buses had power steering. The was no sick pay in those days and he did get sick and my grandmother miscarried due to starving herself so that my mother and my grandfather would have food. She should have had 8 children but only had 2 due to 6 miscarriages. My mothers brother was born slightly mentally disabled. That was my grandmothers last child and she was very overprotective of him until she died. He never had his own money, Whatever money he ever earned she took it all away from him. She basically confiscated his wages. She tried it with my mother too but my mum refused to give it to her. My mum often told me that the family in hard times was only one step away from the workhouse. But it was the fear of the stigma attached to it that made the family avoid it at any cost. They would have died rather than end up in the workhouse.
    Even in those time people had pride and the workhouse would severely dent your pride.

  20. heartfire451

    Maybe the British deserved the Nazis. Probably not. It is not usually the common people who back or start this evil. It is the elite. The thought occurs to me that though I am a history buff that perhaps we should go around the world and knock down these old prisons, workhouses, death camps old mental health institutions where people were chained and tortured etc. Maybe we should demolish them. Is keeping the evil energy of these shit holes around doing us any good. On the other hand people tend to forget their history. They then repeat their mistakes. Maybe the workhouses, death camps like Auschwitz etc. need to stay standing to remind people of the evil and why we must never act like this. There is no excuse for such conditions of impoverishment in such wealthy nations. While rich men drink wine and eat escargot and live in mansions there is no excuse for people willing to work to have to live like that. There is no excuse for those unable to work to have to live like that. I am a pretty libertarian capitalist and I still see it this way. Such systems are designed to break hearts and spirits and lower people on every level. This is an elitist design.

  21. Dallas Nyberg

    Such a sad piece of history…… a case of man's blind indifference to his fellow man..

  22. nunya business

    Only the idiots claim it's nearly the same today! The welfare state we have now gives home allowances, internet, phones, food, money, healthcare, etc….. I have tenants renting from me that are capable of work and choose not to because they live a better life from government handouts than what they could earn working.

  23. SimderZ

    That Brian Cox bloke is really romanticising his ancestor. Making up stuff about him, how does he know what he was like? He may have been a drunk and heavy smoker thats why they say he isn't looking after himself. He may have very well been a saint, but also he may have been a malingerer.


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